October 2017 Capsule #06

It is ever so slightly cooling off down here in the armpit of Satan, by which I mean it’s about 82 degrees instead of 95 degrees. Considering I spend most of my time in air conditioned luxury, I figured it was okay to pull out some heavier fabrics and longer hemlines. Those of you who are living it up in 60 degree weather, I’m not mad…just disappointed.


The dress the dress the dress, oh boy did I say yes. This sweater dress from Target of all places, is 100% cotton and comes in two colors. I love that it’s cotton, because acrylic/polyester is itchy and just way too hot for my area at any time of year. When looking for sweater style clothing I generally look for cotton, wool, or a good blend. This dress would be perfect in any climate, mainly because you can layer as little or as much as you please. Keep on reading to see how I layered this bad boy.

Look 1

First off, if you do not own a pair of Zella Leggings, you have been wrong your entire life. These are the most comfortable and well-cut leggings I have ever owned. I get a weird crotch in leggings, sorry not sorry. Yet, that doesn’t happen in these leggings! I still prefer to keep the goods covered, though. I usually look for long shirts to wear with leggings, but I recently discovered that button-downs are the perfect length. Doesn’t this chambray shirt and legging action just scream suburban mom? I have no shame and no children.

Look 2

Sweater weatherrrrr, as long as it doesn’t have sleeves. In the photos, the dress almost appears white, but it’s actually a light gray marled knit. I could stand to have the hemline a tad shorter, but not all hemlines can be mini. I took it up a notch with these lace-up heels (my favorite, you’ll thank me later), but I could also see this being very casual with some classic sneaks.

Look 3

Could I be any more athleisure? Call Gigi Hadid, because I’ve won streetwear. First up, my favorite Adidas sneakers. I protested sneakers and tennis shoes all throughout high school, and looking back I can’t even recall why. When I bought these, my very first pair of sneakers, I was very particular. That’s why these don’t have the classic Adidas stripes but also aren’t stark white. The leggings that should already be in your cart by now and this Old Navy Luxe Tee were perfect. The curved hem is just right to cover all the jiggly bits down there, but if you need it longer order it in Tall.

Look 4

At the temps right now, the dress with leggings is perfect. I would perhaps add a cardigan if it got any cooler. I paired this with some block heels, but flats and sneakers would make for a more casual look. With the leggings, this sweater dress almost appears to be a tunic.

Look 5

This is definitely my favorite outfit in this capsule. At first, I thought the scoopneck tee would keep it from being layered over the dress. However, it actually adds a fun detail at the shoulder with the gap between the necks of the tee and the dress. If you missed it, there’s a detail shot on the gram @thelaurieloo.

Look 6

Normally, I would have just put the button-down chambray on as a jacket over the dress. Then I remembered how cute I looked when I tied my rainbow windbreaker around my waist at age four. Totally changed up my style, well that and the Barney fanny pack. Truly though, a shirt/sweater around the waist adds some flair without adding any hot layers. The bonus is that it can be used as a layer if needed later.

I am definitely learning how to love this SumFall, but it is a process. If you live in the sweltering Sahara of the southern United States, the key is to not wear any clothing. Or very little. Okay, cover yourself. The real key is to wear fall colors/materials in summer cuts. These can be tricky to find, but luckily I’ve rounded up a few for you in this post.

5 Items

Chambray Shirt 

Zella Leggings 

Sweater Dress

Mustard Tee

Did you even notice that I managed to do this capsule with only FOUR items?! I managed to impress myself and hopefully you!


Adidas Sneakers 

Cognac Block Heels 

Lace-Up Heels

Black Rothy Flats (w/Coupon code!!)

Black Strappy Sandals