October 2017 Capsule #07

I am WILDLY excited for this capsule! Whew, I gotta calm down. I haven’t been this excited since I found out Will & Grace was on Hulu. There went my year. I’m a Grace, all the way (though I lack interior design skills), but this means Karen would so not approve of my outfits. Doesn’t matter. Does that stop Grace? Not a bit. Okey-dokey-artichokey!


Y’all. I was checking my email constantly waiting for this fishnet crop-top to come in. My ultimate goal was to not look like a prostitute from the eighties, and I think I accomplished that nicely. I also didn’t want to go for the bralette under fishnet look, because that’s not my style and is only wearable in certain venues. I was really only expecting to be able to pull off maybe two looks involving the fishnet crop top….but ya girl got four! If you want to stay the sweet smocked dress Sunday school girl but crave a little edge, then this is for you babe.

Look 1

First off, this Everlane muscle tee is perfect. Have you ever noticed how some muscle tees have arm holes down to your butt? Not so with this. I enjoyed the challenge of pairing some classic slacks with a very trendy and edgy piece like the fishnet, and it worked out beautifully. In order to keep with the style on top, I cuffed the pants. Who am I kidding, I’m just a sucker for highwaters.

Look 2

Would you have guessed that underneath this outfit is a simple linen maxi dress? I mean I’m obviously playing the avant garde model flawlessly, so I would understand if you didn’t notice. Kidding aside, I’m obsessed with the fishnet crop over a simple maxi. Two reasons, the shorter length is actually more versatile, because it can be paired with waisted and non-waisted items. Two, it’s just so great for transitioning those summer pieces into the coming seasons.

Look 3

Initially, this outfit was just a white maxi dress with the striped Everlane tee on top. Adorable, sure. Nautical, of course. Perfect for the Hamptons, duh. Alas, it was too summery. My confidence said yes, but my brain said no. Thus, I added my fishnet crop for the now third time. My outfit was now in the correct season and rockin’ to boot.

Look 4

Over, under, over, under. Yesterday we did the fishnet over the tee, today it’s under! It’s perfect either way. I was a little nervous about the lower scoop neck with the high neck of the crop top, but it actually shows off a more netting, which I like. P.S. Fishnet is fabulous for fall looks, because it looks like long sleeves but has airflow like you’ve never known before.

Look 5

I cannot get enough of this tee. I’m wearing it as I write this. The blue and the camel pants really play well together, unlike Jack and Grace (too many Will & Grace references…never). In the future I would like to try this look with the shirt tucked or knotted and some booties. By the way, I’m on the hunt for the perfect booties, but I have a long list of criteria!

Look 6

Final outfit, simple and pure with a dash of sharpness. I like the muted olive tank with the camel pants. Normally, I may pair something muted with something bright. However, I think this pairing is understated but extremely polished due to the lack of high contrast. Some days I have to relearn how to be simple. Just because it isn’t coated in glitter doesn’t mean I don’t shine. 😉

The thing I love about the 5x6 Capsule is how it forces me to use trendy and traditionally one-trick pony pieces multiple times. If I hadn’t moved outside of my comfort zone, I would have been destined to believe that fishnet was only for crackdens and festivals (not that the two are mutually exclusive). Would you incorporate a fishnet shirt into your wardrobe?

5 Items

Everlane Muscle Tee

Camel Slacks (similar)

Fishnet Crop Top 

Linen Maxi (almost exact)

Olive Tank (extremely similar)


Black Heels

Black Rothy Flats (snuck a coupon in there for ya)

Black Brogues

Strappy Sandals