October 2017 Capsule #08

There is no way this is the last week of October! It happens every year around this time that I wonder where the days have gone. We’re about to dive head first into the craziness of the holiday season, so now is the perfect time to simplify your life with a 5x6 Capsule here and there. Maybe you’ll even find a use for that Halloween outfit.


Y’all. The Camo Jacket. I’m not a big cardigan or jacket girl. I own a few staples, but my main purpose is for warmth. I rarely layer just to layer. That may be going to the wayside along with fidget spinners. In each outfit with the Camo Jacket it totally changed the tone of the look. I also loved that I could play with the sleeves and the tie waist to give varying silhouettes.

Look 1

I’ll be honest. I do not love this outfit. It’s alright, but it doesn’t wow me. Here’s what I do love: the rolled sleeves, the knot, and that hair. I think what throws this off is the buttons on the dress are too much and the shade of brown clashes particularly bad with black/white stripes. Oh well, the beauty of a 5x6 Capsule is that it only lasts a week! You could try a new pairing the next week or switch out an item.

Look 2

If you weren’t here last week, I’m in love with this Everlane muscle tank. The silhouette of the tank with thispencil skirt is one I normally shy away from. It looks like a shift dress, when I prefer a defined waist. Yet, I’m really liking it. Someone remind me that I don’t need to look like Mrs. Incredible every day.

Look 3

Here we goooo Camo. Anyone else vehemently protest this camo trend? I think I had a lingering scar from a blue camo shirt from Limited Too. Well, that and all the Mossy Oak pink camo that comes from living in a hunting area. I digress. This outfit is the perfect example of how a jacket/cardi can change the style. It’s now darker and mixing prints with the striped tank in an adult way, but not an adult home movie way.

Look 4

I am devastated this dress is no longer available at A&F. However! They have oddly similar dresses, which I have linked. I think I would actually like these better, because they don’t have the buttons, fake buttons I may add. I loved the skater flair in this dress, and I didn’t want to lose that when I put on the jacket. So, I simply cinched the waist and rolled the sleeves. You could leave the sleeves down for a more menswear look.

Look 5

This shirt (100% cotton, my fave), is a wonderful thicker weight. And it has that even more wonderful French vibe, oui oui la botanique mon petit. All I need now is a beret, and I’ll be sipping wine on top of the Eiffel Tower out of a flask. The pencil skirt is via Madewell, and it’s made just as well as everything else they have to offer! I have yet to find one that doesn’t show panty lines, though…

Look 6

How do we feel about this one? French or African? Me, myself, I see white girl on a mission trip to Africa primed and ready for her next profile picture with an impoverished child. That one stung a bit, huh? By the by, I have nothing against mission trips, only against those who use them to uplift themselves. No matter where you travel or stay in bed (or someone else’s bed), this dress is fabulous. It isn’t constricting, even though it is fitted. I can tell that the similar dresses from Abercrombie are of the same type, so you may purchase with ease.

Well, guys and gals, we’ve wrapped up October. It’s ober and that isn’t a typo. I’m ready to nervously dip my toe into the icy, November waters. Are you excited for the holiday season? Nervously dreading it? Somewhere in between? Let me know in the comments, Loovelies.

5 Items

Cami Dress (very similar)

Camo Jacket 

Striped Embroidered Shirt 

Pencil Skirt 

Everlane Tee 


Leopard Flats 

Black Oxfords

Black Rothy Flats