One Week Wardrobe - Everlane Summer Edition

If you’ve been hanging around for a minute, you’ll know that I have a bit of a love affair with accessible ethical fashion. AKA affordable, because not all of us can afford to spend hundreds on a single top. Luckily, we have options, and my favorite option has so kindly sent me some items I’ve been dying to tell y’all about!

Drum roll pleaseeee…

It’s Everlane!

And what better way to show off these items than to combine them in a good old One Week Wardrobe. And of course, I will be doing an additional review of one of these items (I think you can guess which!)

The 5 Pieces

Bonus: Everlane Day Heel


Look #1

Is it okay that my first outfit was my favorite outfit? I think yes. I adore these patch pocket shorts, because they give me that vintage 40s vibe without having to dig through bins at thrift stores and washing them ten times to make that old lady smell go away. Just me?

The shorts are super, super thick and insanely good quality. I wear shorts A TON in the summer, and this is the kind of short you want to meet that line between casual and slightly dressed up. Because jean cutoffs can’t take you to dinner somewhere besides a crab shack, but with the right top I would wear these to a restaurant.

Look #2

Can anyone see my row of earrings in this picture (don’t tell my mom!). We’ve all seen the white button up over a dress look, but I feel that look can sometimes get a bit stuffy, ya know?

That’s why I left the shirt unbuttoned and tied it up, which is a very casual “Midge Maisel leaving the picnic for a comedy show” look. I also found it wayyy more comfortable in the summer heat.

Look #3

Okay, I was maybe a bit too inspired by the 40s looks this week. I’m not sorry, though! Polka dots scream vintage to me, but they can also seem a bit childish at times.

My tip? Go for a small and varied polka dot, like this one. A polka dot that’s very large instantly reads young, and a polka dot of any size that’s in straight rows up and down kinda makes my eyes sick! A teeny tiny random dot is justttt the right thing, Goldilocks.

Look #4

So, I don’t normally include what shoes I wear in my capsules, but these Day Heels are the new forever exception. I hate heels. It’s a well known fact. I am a comfort queen, and I have boycotted heels for YEARS! Until now.

These win, y’all. They’re soooo comfortable without being a “comfort” shoe (aka the orthotics your grandma wears). The combination of a padded sole, soft leather, and a chunky heel just checks all of my boxes. I’m so, so excited to be able to start wearing some outfits that just haven’t felt appropriate with my flats! I will for sure do a full review on the Day Heel, though, if you want to know all the soft leather deets.


Look #5

Remember how I mentioned wearing these shorts out to dinner? This is how I might wear them! If I wanted to dress it up a bit more, you could add a statement necklace, which almost never fails (Thanks, Stacy London).

Anddd just a mention for the ladies in the flat booty club like me….these shorts will do you so many favors. Ever wonder why those vintage pinup girls looked so great in their shorts? It was the cut! Everlane has managed to replicate that cut, and I’m not sure I’ll ever go back.

What’s your favorite summer outfit to beat the heat without looking like a day old amusement park hot dog?