Capsule Wardrobe 47: OVER[alls] Summer


Will this summer never end?!! Cue the crying emoji. I incorporated overalls into this week's one week capsule wardrobe, because I am beyond over summer. Take that, mother nature! I'll show her with my cute fall outfits and the sweat dripping down my face. It's fine. I'm not about to have a heat stroke. The worst part about living in the south is that when you're over summer, you just remember that summer never really ends. December can have 30 degree days and two days later it's 80 degrees. Needless to say, we southerners are a hearty breed (please save us). I may have foolishly decided to go for fall looks and textures in this capsule, but I really liked how all of these looks turned out. Most of this is a great example of how to bring "fall" style in when you live somewhere where fall doesn't exist. girl-in-embroidered-sweater-tank-white-shorts

I'm a rule follower, and I would probably switch these white shorts out for blue jean shorts after Labor Day, but it ain't labor day yet, Gertrude. The muted colors and sweater texture in this Madewell tank make it a great transitional piece.


I think a lot of fall is a lot about texture and less about color, so we go for cozy, woven, durable fabrics. And we leave behind the flimsy laces and slinky summer pieces.


I love this one because it's a step up from a regular tee dress. The tie in the front adds some interest, but it also gives it a waist, which is something MANY tee dresses lack. My body may be straight and narrow, but I'll take all the illusions I can get.


Did you know that overalls can double as pants? Like, for real. I really don't wear overalls alllll that much, but when I remember I can layer a top over and get a more unique pair of jeans out of the deal, they're on my body 24/7. I would caution that I think your overalls need to be skinny overalls, as very baggy ones won't look so great as pants and a layered top may look bunchy. Otherwise rock those overalls pants!


Shhhh, don't tell my grandmother, but you can see my bra straps. Oh, the southern horror! Overall, pun intended, this capsule is great for transitioning into the fall. I plan on writing a post as the fall season gets closer about how to transition into that season when you don't have the luck to live somewhere where the leaves turn every year and you get one day of "fall" at 70 degrees. Can you tell how much I love where I live? Lookout for that post, and if you're one of those lucky fall pumpkin spice people, send me a golden leaf.

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