Pantone Color of 2017 ~Greenery~


Pantone has recently released their annually awaited color of the year for 2017. I’m not very good at guessing things in advance, but it is easy to see why Pantone may have chosen this particular color. The winner is….Greenery!

I don’t know about you, but when I think greenery I think of a forest or pine green. This color reminds me of grass and the palm leaves that have been everywhere in the past year. I don’t know where the sudden obsession with palm leaves and tropical prints came from, but I’m betting it’s here to stay for at least another year. I’m really hoping that designers and retailers will incorporate more of this color, because we could really use some bright colors in the fashion world. Maybe it’s the winter blues, but all I’ve seen lately is dark, saturated colors. And black. Lots of black.

I am also a little selfishly excited for this color, because it looks AMAZING with my hair and skin tone. Dark greens can make me feel like a Christmas tree. Fellow redheads, do you feel my pain? I’ve grown to love olive, but it has made its way into neutral territory and is no longer a pop of color in my wardrobe.

Finding items in this shade or varying shades was a little difficult for this winter season, but I rounded up a few things for my Loovelies. Not everything above is exactly Greenery colored, but it has similar tinting. The key is to look for a green with yellow undertones. So, the olive items that pull more yellow and less brown, and the hunter green that pulls more yellow and less blue. Undertones can be tricky to pick out, I know! In general, the greenery shades will look brighter in comparison to the “normal” color of olive, hunter, kelly, etc.

1| Twill Vest 2| Zara Faux Fur Coat 3| Coriander Pullover 4| Lime Necklace 5| Block Heel Tropical Sandal 6| HM Scarf 7| Off the Shoulder Dress 8| Modcloth Dress 9| Shorteralls 10| Tropical Bikini 11| HM Earrings 12| F21 Bomber Jacket

I’m anticipating this color will bring on vintage restyles from designers, especially from the 60s and 70s. I would kill for a mod style dress in Greenery. I love vintage, but it can get somewhat pricy. I was incredibly lucky to find this dress on Etsy from Joy Destroy Vintage ! I rarely see such good pieces at such good prices.

What do you think of the color of the year? Will you be buying any clothing or decorative items in Greenery? Be sure to check out Pantone for suggestions of color pairings. Happy Tuesday, Loovelies!