Points of Femininity

Have you heard of the points of femininity? Lemme break them down for you.

When you put together an outfit, there are four points of your femininity you should consider. When you are all covered up head to toe from skinny jeans and boots to turtleneck, it’s a bit much and detracts from your femininity.

Of course, if that’s your thing, go right on and ignore this! I have a very feminine style, so it’s important to me that I try to always have one of my “points” out. And no, that doesn’t mean the girls 😉

These are your neckline, your wrists, your ankles, and your waist. Things like pushing up your sleeves, wearing cropped jeans, a scoop neck shirt, or a dress with a belt.

The key is to have at least one of these defined in an outfit to retain your femininity. More if your style is extra feminine! I often feel too covered up and boxy if I only have one or two defined, so I go for three and sometimes four.

I made this printable that you can hang in your closet or save on your phone, cause it’s pretty dang cool if I say so myself!


Download in Black

Download in Pink