Pretty Organization Ideas for Every Room in the House


So, you’ve started to simplify your life and you’re paring down. You’ve kicked those pesky tchotkes to the curb in a sad pile, but what do you do with everything you have left? Well, you’ve gotta organize it. And if you’re like me, you don’t just want to stick everything in pretty rows and call it day.

We all know how long that lasts…about 3.4 seconds till you need to grab a bottle of sunscreen from the back of your precariously organized bathroom closet. Then everything in front of it does this number:

This whole “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” routine from my possessions gets old fast. Which is why I’m a firm believer in organization helpers, which is kind of a sin in the Marie Kondo Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up world, if ya know what I mean.

Marie has her points, but frankly I’m not a fan of using old shoeboxes to organize every little thing I own. If everything I own is supposed to bring me joy, an old New Balance shoebox from the 90s may bring me some good old fashioned irony, but it isn’t bringing me any visual joy.

In fact, it just makes me feel less organized. Organization helpers like plastic boxes, pretty hangers, or nice storage containers provide a beautiful resting place for the things in your life but also a resting place for your eyes.

Hokey pokey, but visual rest is important. We’re so constantly assaulted by brand names and ads and slogans everywhere around us, the last place we should have that is inside the intimate parts of our homes.

I’ve chosen a few of my favorite little organization helpers for each area of the house and shared why each piece is going to give you simple joy.

Bathroom Organization

  1. Okay, you probs shouldn’t store your coffee in the bathroom (or your medicine, for that matter), but these little clear drawers are perfect for cabinet or under sink storage. They’re small enough to fit but big enough to hold a decent amount of first aid items, haircare, tampons, etc. I use mine mostly for feminine hygiene goods, because they look pretty displayed in the drawer and make me feel good around that time of month, rather than shoved in a box talking about the magical holding powers of this particular tampon. Thanks, I’m good. The clear drawers also help you super quick see if you’re low on anything and need to stock up.

  2. These bamboo trays are my favorite! I don’t like to store my makeup out on the vanity, but I don’t have space under the sink. I have a drawer that is very short, so I use these trays to organize my makeup. Best part? The bamboo is very easy to wipe stains off of and is more warm than typical acrylic storage.

  3. If you doooo have space to store your makeup on the vanity or have tall drawers, these makeup organizers are great. I actually use one on my desk (double use!) and it’s just the right height. There might be a lipstick or two in there also…

  4. You’re tight on space, but you CANNOT give up that hairdryer. Store it over the door on an over the door storage unit! No need to get that long cord tangled over all your products and pull those on the floor every morning.

Kitchen Organization

Lemme just preface this by saying I don’t have a whole lot of kitchen experience. I cook a few things but that’s all I cook and I have a very regimented schedule of foods I eat, so my kitchen space is predictable and not much to it. Butttt, it still has to be organized somehow.

  1. Contact paper is making a comeback! Okay so technicallyyyy, it isn’t organization. But it certainly makes me feel better and is good for dressing up out of date cabinets or pantries. This particular liner is adhesive (though I don’t adhere mine), and comes in a TON of different patterns.

  2. Are you one of those psychopaths who takes everything out of its box and puts it in its own clear container? Nope? Good, me either. But, I don’t like to just shove stuff in the pantry. These baskets are just right. They aren’t clear, so they semi hide what’s all up in there, but they’re short enough I can look inside easily. The rope handles also let you pull them out super fast to get what you need. Also, these have straight “walls”. Lots of baskets are slanted and thus limit what you can fit inside, with straight sides the space you see is the space you get.

  3. Am I hypocrite? I don’t store everything in the kitchen in clear containers, but if it’s a long term use good like sugar, rice, beans, etc. then I prefer to put it in a clear container. Yes, it makes me look like I have my shiz together, but mostly the container just gives a better seal to keep it fresh and bug free than me putting a bread tie on the bag would.

Closet Organization

This is my forte y’all. The closet is MY area. I believe you only need three things to really organize your closet. Sure, there are extras that are nice, but you only need three things!

I’m just going to put the links here for this one, because I have a much more in detail post on how to organize your closet and fold clothes to save space.

  1. The best velvet hangers ever. Hella affordable.

  2. Special hangers for your pants!

  3. Add On Clip Hangers, ummm, yes please!

Y’all I feel calmer already. Just a few little organizational items here and there really make a difference in how clean and organized I feel. The Container Store is cool and all, but you really only need a few things for each major area of your house to get it together and organized.