Capsule 54: How a Regular Girl Can Wear Silk

Long gone are the days when silk was only for the Queen, the nobles, and Jackie O. (who is basically royalty). Silk has gone the way of trickle down economics (except it works) and trickled its way down to the classes below the uber wealthy. I would wager that almost anyone could afford silk now, albeit at different qualities, but silk nonetheless. But, just because we can afford it now, doesn’t mean we know how to wear it.

I was terrified of silk. Absolutely terrified. I wasn’t quite sure how to wear it, how to care for it, if I could even sweat in it or breathe in it. One glorious day at the consignment store led me to find my very first silk piece, and at a steal of $6!!! Imagine my shock when I came home and researched my new silk to find that this piece retailed for $250….which cued me wondering if I should just sell it on eBay, obviously. But, I kept it and it got me interested in finding affordable, new silk. Not just finding it, but also wearing it.


I kinda thought silk was meant to be used for luxurious sheets you slip off and ballgowns, but apparently silk tank tops are also a thing. The thing I love most about this fabric is the drape. It falls much better than cotton or rayon, because it flows yet still manages to cling in the right places. Rayon can be a bit clingy to me, and I rarely find a cotton that drapes and tucks well without getting all bent out of shape. I’m really curious to see if I can find any silk blends that may be affordable and provide the same drape.


No silk here, but a mean mug for sure. You can see my point about cotton in this tee. The t-shirt fits well, but doing a half tuck results in a kind of stiff draping and fold, that I guarantee left a crease.


My silk cami happens to be a more washed black than a true black, which I actually love! The different shade of black provides a little variation in an otherwise totally monochrome outfit. The velvety texture also has a bit of a sheen that plays so well with the knit pencil skirt.


Okay, okay, okay this had to be my absolute FAVE outfit out of all of these. I meannnnn, a silk cami and cargo pants?!! When I planned this outfit, I was already writing the caption in my mind about how some outfits just don’t work, but I had to trash that! Even though it is just a plain cami, it somehow looks luxe but still very casual with the cargo pants. Silk is really a fabric that can dress up or down, whereas a fabric like cotton is going to mostly lean casual.


I had to end this season (a bit late) with my final all-white outfit. I’m for sure not a girl that says no to white after Labor Day, but I do have some personal restrictions on white in the fall and winter seasons. I will have a post up veryyyy soon about the best ways to wear white and not look like you time traveled from summers past.

But right now, you’re really here for the silk! So, here are a few of my favorite places to scoop up really affordable silk that is good quality. Just click on the button and it will bring you right to the silk sections of each site! I love these sites for most of their clothing, so don’t just check out the silk!