September 2017 Capsule #02

You know those clothes that only seem to go with one other thing in your closet? Well, that’s what this week’s capsule is. I grabbed all the things I rarely wear or only for certain occasions and made the best of it.


The floral crop top was for sure the cornerstone in this set. A basic for some but a serious challenge for me. I rarely wear crop tops, because my belly button gets cold! I could be the belly-buttonless girl and wear nude bodysuits, but that’s defeating the purpose of a crop top. Because of the length, I actually found the top extremely versatile. It wasn’t so long that it became bunched under clothing, and it added a lot of fun to all the other solids in this capsule.

Look 1

Is it summer? Is it fall? Who really knows from the looks of this. I grounded this button-down/culotte look with cognac heels to not only add height but also a fall color with some bright summers. I’ll let you in on a little secret…those teal culottes were pants before I cut them in the middle of this shoot. And it made all the difference! I wouldn’t recommend cutting all of your clothing on a whim, but if you’ve got scissors….

Look 2

Proof that party dresses can serve double duty. I bought this dress for a Christmas party and just couldn’t part with it. Now, I know why. I needed it to add some glam to my everyday life. Honestly, this was such a comfy outfit (thanks Everlane). I would have no trouble wearing this on a lazy day when I need a confidence boost.

Look 3

Comfort wins again. These {now} culottes are great for running around, and the gray Everlane teeadds some much needed neutrality. I must admit, scoop necks are quickly surpassing v-necks, at least in my book.

Look 4

AKA, the day we risked it all. Me, looking in the mirror, “Lauren, take this off before Anna Wintour comes down to the armpit of the south and burns you alive.” Also me, “Nah, I’m good.” I was at a bit of a loss for an outfit this day, and I figured why not put the crop top underneath the dress. Normally, I may try this with a sleeved dress, but I actually loved the thin straps overlaying the floral pattern. It’s a subtle change, but it made this a much edgier outfit. Just my style: boedglam- boho, edgy, glam. Okay, so the name is still a work in progress…

Look 5

Ladies, I’ve got a fabulous day to night look for you. Again, comfort is queen with these culottes. I liked the neutral gray top in Look 3, but I also really enjoy the complementary pinks and black with the teal. Just pop a cardigan on for work and shed it like the sexy snake you are when it’s time for dinner.

Look 6

So, I almost chose this metallic dress as my cornerstone piece, because it worked HARD. It’s still a pretty close race. I mean just look at that fit. It’s a simple cut, but the crinkled and metallic fabric are the reasons I picked it up. Those lace-up heels don’t hurt a thang, either.

5 Items 

Floral Crop Top (similar)

Teal Culottes/Pants (similar)

White Button-Down

Metallic Strappy Dress (similar)

Gray Everlane Tee 


Lace-Up Heels 

Pointy Toe Black Heels 

Cognac Block Heels

Black Strappy Slide Sandals

Black Menswear Brogues

Loovelies, tell me about the top three items in your closet that you either rarely wear or only wear for/with one thing. If you’re brave enough, show me how you restyled them and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @thelaurieloo #5x6capsule