September 2017 Capsule #03

I bet you’re thinking I cut off my head in that picture with the orange dress, because orange hair and orange dresses don’t exactly blend. Well, you’d be wrong. I look fire. Literally, I look like a volcano. Alas, I was excited to do this capsule, because it’s finally starting to feel like fall. So, out come the saturated and moody colors galore.


Oh man, do I have to choose? If I absolutely had to say….I have to go with the striped midi dress. I picked this up at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (Hallelujah), and while it was only worn twice, I can see a ton of potential. I’m positive you’ll be seeing another capsule or two with this dress in the coming fall and maybe even winter.

Look 1

By fall here, I mean it’s starting to get in the 70s. So, I’m still rocking the sandals and sleeveless tops, so I don’t pass out walking to and from my car. This dress is just SO orange, I never would have picked it up. I didn’t. My sister did and passed it off on me, and this color has really won my heart. I would love a corduroy skirt in this shade.

Look 2

Speaking of corduroy…this skirt is! Is it me, or does Banana Republic really nail it in the fall? It’s hard to see the beautiful shade of plum of the skirt, because it is such a deep color. Rest assured, the green tank and purple play beautifully off each other and I do not resemble an eggplant.

Look 3

One of my minors was in Spanish, so I am sucker for anything with Spanish words. Hola, Amor t-shirt (similar). The striped dress underneath hits my natural waist, which is rare. Obviously, I had to take this opportunity to show it off. I knotted the tee in the center versus the side, because it really draws the eye in and sets the stage for the stripes.

Look 4

Bienvenidos nuevamente, Amor tee. I see you working your Spanish magic with that corduroy skirt. Let me tell you, I tried to tuck this shirt in. I tried to knot it. It wouldn’t have it. Ultimately, I think leaving it out created the best silhouette. Although, it is definitely a contrast to this era of high-waisted bottoms.

Look 5

If you check me out on the gram, you’ll know what a sweet back this dress has. Sweet and spicy. At my height, midi dresses are almost always a miss. It’s the cut of the top and where the waist lies that makes all the difference. Frankly, it just fits me. Anything that has a good fit and is tailored to all your nooks n’ crannies will look phenomenal.

Look 6

Orange you glad I’m back? The skirt this burnt orange dress makes is like catholic schoolgirl pleats. I’m disappointed I didn’t wear knee socks. Next time, friends. If I keep this look in rotation, I won’t need that skirt in this color. Ah, the wonders of my methodology.

5 Items 

Orange Dress 

Olive Green Muscle Tank

Purple Corduroy Skirt (very similar, almost exact)

Amor T-shirt (similar)

Striped Midi Dress (similar)


Black Strappy Slide Sandals 

Black Sandals 

Cognac Block Heels 

If you’re new here and wondering what exactly that methodology is, head on over to the 5x6 Capsule Page to get started. If you’re an old friend, tell me your favorite fall color. Mine would have to be…olive green.