September 2017 Capsule #04

Dang, is it hard to believe this is the last week of September. Even harder to believe we’re only three months away from 2018! This year, this month, and this capsule saw me step up my denim game. I’ve worn the same jean shorts since middle school, no joke. And the last time I wore a denim skirt was in, you guessed it: middle school. Hopefully I’m bringing Aeropostale and potato shoe wearing Lauren into 2017 this week.


The best time to wear a striped sweater….I had to y’all. I had to. SpongeBob was right. The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time. J.Crew, I’m sorry, but I saw this sweater and thought I had wandered into the little girl’s section. Fortunately, the sweater fit and will now be a staple. It’s 100% cotton, so it’s extremely lightweight and perfect for autumns that are more like the summers in the north.

Look 1

Sass. Master. I’ve been practicing those folded arms since I was three. Clearly, it paid off. Also, this outfit ft. my new jean shorts. I went back to my middle school roots at American Eagle and was pleasantly surprised. The denim is stretchy and soft yet doesn’t lose its shape. They’re a great length, but my only wish is that they came with a high waist. The mid-rise is not as versatile as I would like. Overall, I really loved the shorts and sweater combo. It can be difficult to pair different seasonal items, but I think I made it work.

Look 2

I’m telling you, RUN to get this denim skirt. The quality is out of this world, and it’s under $50! I’ve always been a fan of the jeans and white t-shirt look, so I elevated it with the denim skirt and the button up blouse (details shot on the gram). Back to the quality, it’s that thick denim that will really conform to your body after a few wears. I can’t wait for the day my skirt has molded to my butt and can stand on its own.

Look 3

This cognac midi skirt is vintage, but I found a great dupe. I love how it pairs with the sweater and magnifies the brown-toned stripes. Tell me, do you ever wear flats with midi dresses/skirts? I always feel compelled to wear heels, but I am a religious flats girl.

Look 4

I love that skirt so much I wore it two days in a row with my other capsule fave, the white blouse. I also tried it out with some flat sandals, and I may never break my feet in heels again. Cognac is such a favorite of mine I could honestly wear it head to toe. Alas, I am not Kim K and cannot wear tan bodysuits. And I do mean FULL bodysuits.

Look 5

T-shirts are so 2003, ya’ll. Wear a buttoned blouse instead. I joke, but for real I love how much it changes and elevates jeans with just a few buttons and a different cut! I just might be going to bed in these jean shorts, they’re that comfy. I’ve only recently ventured into distressed denim, because I had the mentality of my grandmother who likes to remind me she did not pay for the holes in her clothing. She worked hard at being poor for her hole-y clothing.

Look 6

The best part about this jean skirt? It doesn’t have the look of the skirts that seem as if they’ve been jeans cut apart. You know, the ones with the odd triangle right at crotch level? Super attractive. This skirt has a ragged hem and would have also looked great with the sweater tucked in. Sometimes a girl has to spice it up a little, though.

I’ve always been a fan of stripes, but this is my first foray into multi-colored stripes! What is your favorite stripe color combination, Loovelies?

5 Items

Rainbow Striped Sweater (similar)

Buttoned Sleeveless Blouse

Denim Skirt 

Cognac Midi Skirt (similar)

Distressed Denim Shorts


2 Strap Black Slides

Cognac Block Heels

Two Tone Slide Sandals 

Flat Black Sandals