September Capsule #01

We are quickly falling into fall (punny, I know), and I had to squeeze the last bit of summer out of my wardrobe. This week started with Labor Day, and I have zero intention of erasing white from my wardrobe. Suck it, fashion gods. Before I go on a rant about fashion rules, let’s dive into this week’s capsule!


The cornerstone of this capsule is hands down bottoms up the strapless dress. For the longest time, I was vehemently against anything strapless. Not for modesty reasons, because we all know that is not on the forefront of my mind. No, I just don’t find them flattering! Especially on this small bust. Can it really be called a bust when it’s contained by mere band-aids? This dress was flattering because of the higher rise, which didn’t accentuate my flatness

Look 1

It’s cas(ual). A classic muscle tee and skinny jeans is forever a look. I love that the palm frond brought it up a notch and kept the summer feel. Medium wash denim always reminds me of fall, so the palm frond print balanced that out.

Look 2

Chambray, will you marry me? Seriously, if I could go full Canadian tuxedo every day… you better bet your Canadian dollar I would. Although it is a light wash chambray, the sandals and striped skirt kept it breezy. This would also be a great early spring outfit.

Look 3

The first look with our cornerstone! Swoon. I knotted the tee, so I could have a defined waist. I’d like to try this with a more fitted strapless dress and see how the look changes.

Look 4

I am not a big print mixer, but I tried this out for two reasons. One, the greens in the skirt tied in to the green on the muscle tee. So, it wasn’t a jarring combo. Two, the tee didn’t have an all over print, so I was a little less hesitant in pairing the two. Someday I’ll be brave enough to pair two all over prints.

Look 5

Simple. Classic. Timeless. Audrey. One word sentences. All that is needed.

Look 6

This was the riskiest of all! I’ve done skirts with dresses in the past, but typically the skirt will cover the hem of the dress. I have to say, I’m digging this hem peeking out. It really adds an element of continuity. Meaning, it looks less like a shirt with a skirt and more like a layered dress. I’ll definitely be trying this look again in the near future.

5 Items

Strapless Dress (similar)

Palm Frond Muscle Tee

Madewell Jeans

Rainbow Stripe Skirt (similar)

Chambray Button-Up


Saltwater Sandals (get Big Kid sizes for Women)

Clear Jelly Flats

Strappy Black Slide Sandals

Any favorites for this week? How are you transitioning your summer outfits into fall, even if it is still a bajillion degrees outside?