Capsule #21: Shine Your (Skirt) out in the New Year


It’s been a few weeks, and I’m slowly getting into the swing of things. Scratching out less 2017s and writing more 2018s. You know how that goes! I think I will probably have that new talent down by August, that is if I don’t have any setbacks. Why do they do this to us? Every year should just be the same number. But then we’d miss out on all those sweet New Year’s Eve fireworks, and I can’t tell you how much I love fire…works.


Zoom in, because it is a tad hard to see. Sadly, cameras are not human eyes. See that shirt I’m wearing? It’s a tank top with what looks like shibori dying in pink and black, which is a fancy word for tie-dye. Turns out, tie dye is for more than your eighth grade field trip to the zoo. I love the extra oomph it gives to a plain white tank, because lord knows I don’t already own seven of those. Oops, I misspelled fifteen.

Who knew tie dye was making a comeback? At least, in my closet. This capsule includes a tie dye tank, one shiny shiny skirt, a leather blazer, a graphic tee dress, AND ripped jeans? Say what!

Who knew tie dye was making a comeback? At least, in my closet. This capsule includes a tie dye tank, one shiny shiny skirt, a leather blazer, a graphic tee dress, AND ripped jeans? Say what!

Look 1

My word of the year for 2018 is SHINE, and I am fully embracing that in every aspect of my life. This silver/gold skirt is everything my glitter-filled heart could dream of. It has an elastic waist, perfect for real or food babies. I slipped it on over this graphic tee dress. Who knew that was a thing?! I love my graphic tees, so I’m going to hop on that wagon to Urban Outfitters.

Look 2

Hey, it’s me, your leather blazer. Oh, you know me? Well, I thought you might need an introduction since it’s been an entire year since we’ve been all over one another. I’m not sure how I missed out on using this blazer for so long, but she is divine. Soft as, well, a baby cow. Speaking of soft, my butt. Or rather, the jeans on my butt. Pair these two softies with my cornerstone tie dye shirt? Winner, winner, beef dinner?

Look 3

My two favorite pieces in this capsule! It was a tough choice between the shirt and this shiny skirt. My heart told me to give the underdog a chance. When paired together? Name a better duo. I’ll wait. I seriously considered hemming this to be a mini skirt, but there’s enough of those in this cruel, cruel world of long-legged models. Some of us have little legs we need to hide.

Look 4

My blazer is back and better than ever. Without the blazer, this outfit is pretty sweet. With the blazer, it’s the epitome of I am a WOMAN who can kick***. Do not ever feel like you can’t dress like a woman and do the job of a man! Dress like a woman and do ten times better! I mean we already pretty much dominate the world, so we can at least look good doing it. P.S. I know the blazer is spendy. It's worth it to invest in leather, because it will last. The money you spend over the years on pleather will add up to the same or more.

Look 5

Here it is. You can see this dress in all its graphic glory. I’m not even sure what’s going on in this scene? It’s like a pelican in Alice and Wonderland. Urban Outfitters, you’re on drugs and I love it. Keep doing you boo boo. Let me ask you a question. Is this dress too short? I feel VERY young and exposed. I love the print, but I would prefer it cover my crotch a bit more. Not that I don’t adore playing Marilyn, but some things are private. What do you think?

I mentioned my word of the year is SHINE, do you have a word for 2018? If not, any resolutions or guiding thoughts? One of my resolutions is simply to get better at saving money. I can spend a little frivolously here and there, and it usually ends in clutter and wasted money. I would loveeee to hear your words/resolutions!

5 Items

Leather blazer 

Tie dye Tank 

Silver Skirt 

Graphic Tee Dress (similar)

Ripped Jeans 


Black Rothys Flats ($20 Discount Code!) 

Glitter Flats (similar)