Statement Coats and Why You Need One


Whenever I was a kid, my first and all subsequent winter coats were black. Black goes with everything. Black is also depressing as hell when you've been wearing it for a week and the skies are only getting grayer and the air is only getting colder. Enter statement coats. A fabulous coat or jacket can be a real mood lifter. There's just something about a little (or not so little) pop of color that makes me smile. Unfortunately, I have yet to find the perfect one, because I am outrageously picky with the fit and style of coats. I thought I would share my frontrunners not only to get some help but also to inspire my dear readers to think about buying a statement coat. Topshop Overcoat

This is such a classic design, but the kelly green really pops. The best part? It also comes in mustard yellow.

Kenneth Cole Teddy Bear Coat

Okay, okay. So, this one is kind of a normal color. However, it's the opposite of black, and Y'ALL. The texture! These "teddy-bear" coats are amazing. Texture is such a good way to take a step out of your comfort zone, without getting too wild.

HM Faux Fur Jacket

Building on the texture...this one has the shape of a classic leather jacket, but the fur is totally unexpected. I wouldn't mind seeing this in a ruby red.

ASOS Trouble Maker Jacket

I'm all in for this floral and embroidery trend. Trouble Maker? Definitely not. But who says a girl can't pretend?

Anthro Geo Bomber

Can you believe I don't own a bomber jacket? I think this may be my first.

Leith Velour Duster

I can't begin to tell you how much I love velvet...but then to make it mustard? Be still my heart.

ASOS Slim Pink Coat

I have been DYING for a pink coat! I'm really wanting a bright bright pink, but I could definitely bring a pale one along for the ride.

Missguided Satin Duster

Finally, the coat for when you want to feel like a modern Scarlett O'Hara or a wealthy woman who has just killed her husband with poison.

While statement coats are great, they don't need to make their statement on your bank statement. Coats can get expensive, and I think quality is worth it, sometimes. However, for coats that may not go with everything or they may be a little trendy, I don't want to break the bank! So, all of these coats are under $150 and most are under $100! Keeping it affordable is important to me, partially because I can't afford to drop $600 on a coat, but mainly because I know the majority of people can't either. Fashion IS affordable...if you look hard enough. Lucky for you, I'm always willing to look and share.