[Style] Resolutions

There are a million and one articles, TV segments, and even books about how to follow through on your New Year’s resolutions. Personally, I don’t set resolutions with the expectation of achieving a huge goal. Mainly because I will choose something insurmountable and ultimately discouraging. However, I do still like the idea of resolutions and a goal to work towards. My hope for this year is to have general resolutions related to fashion and my own personal style. I may call myself a style blogger, but I’m still a work in progress. We all are.

Resolution 1: Only Buy “Hell Yes!”

If I buy an item of clothing or jewelry, it must be something that makes me say “Hell yes!” Let me explain further. If it doesn’t look so amazing on me or boost my confidence so much that I CANNOT live without it, then I don’t buy it. If it isn’t a Hell yes, it’s a no. For me, this only applies to things I can physically try on. Since I order online frequently, it is hard to tell whether an item is “Hell yes!” without trying it on. Never be afraid to return! I return the majority of things I purchase online. My hope is that this rule or resolution will help me to make more purchases with intent and build a wardrobe of things that I feel great wearing.

Resolution 2: Wardrobe Purge

This is less of a resolution and more of a short-term goal, but hey whatever works. I can feel it all around me when something in my wardrobe isn’t right. Basically, the gods have gifted me with a (sick)th sense of fashion *wink*. I will also be applying the above rule of “Hell yes!” to my wardrobe purge to help determine whether to keep or toss. Be on the lookout for a post of what I chose to toss!

Resolution 2: Wear. More. Color.

That statistics class I took finally came in handy. I crunched some numbers and figured that about 25% of my clothing is black, 28% is white, and 18% is gray. That comes up to a grand total of 71%. Almost ¾ of my wardrobe is all neutrals! I know neutrals are a great base, but I feel like all I wear is some combo of black and white sometimes. I would like to make it to 50/50 color and neutrals. I don’t consider blue/navy as a neutral, but of the color I have, blue is a good chunk. I want to bring in more pink, gold, metallics, green, and purple. What colors do you need/want more of?

What are your resolutions this year? Will you be pursuing any fashion related goals? Let me know in the comments, Loovelies. And do tell me if you decide to adopt one of the above resolutions. I always love sharing a journey.