The Capsule I Didn't Fit Into

Capsule wardrobes are all the rage. I'm not here to write a post of hate about them, I think they are such an amazing idea. They just don't work for everyone. I have three main reasons why the capsule wardrobe didn't work for me.

  1. Too Much Work-A capsule per season is usually about 30-40 pieces. Many of these pieces can be reused throughout the seasons, but not all. Even doing a biannual capsule, I found it to be way too much work for me. I was seriously stressed trying to think of color schemes and making it all work together.

  2. Money-A capsule wardrobe is supposed to save you money, right? The key is to invest in pieces. I just couldn't get that concept to work for me. I wasn't happy with how any of my capsules came together, so I was constantly "investing" in the newest miracle piece. I was spending insane amounts and acquiring new things I just didn't need.

  3. Lack of Seasons-Where I live, the seasons change by the day. There really are no true seasons. I didn't have my summer clothes easily accessible in the winter, so I was sweating it out in a cardigan and jeans (the coolest outfit I could find). Also, it was hard to find any seasonal inspiration, because I consider myself a hot-natured person. Meaning, I can't stand to wear jeans or a leather jacket in the summer. I found both of these to be common in spring/summer wardrobes. My nature combined with the lack of seasons in my area simply meant I was never prepared.

A few seasons into the new craze, my frustration finally overcame me. I pulled out all of my clothes and got rid of anything I didn't find comfortable or beautiful on my body.  This was the best decision ever. Now, I have what I consider my year-long capsule wardrobe. I have about 60 pieces, excluding a few t-shirts.  I don't ever have to think about whether my entire capsule works, because somehow it all came together. Creating my wardrobe helped me to find my style. Once I saw what I was left with, it was so easy to see how the things blended in perfect unison.  I still am amazed when I can pull an outfit together with no effort. I am saving some serious money. My new wardrobe helps me really focus on what I like, not what other people liked for their capsule wardrobe.  I might buy something new every now and then, but I always think the purchase through. As a sidenote, I rarely follow the One-in-One-Out rule. I prefer to cull items when I feel it is time; this way, I can have new and old things that bring me happiness.  Finally, all of my clothes are in one place. I can mix and match all of my clothing to create weather appropriate outfits.  I might pull out a pair of long jeans during the summer, but I'm more than likely in a pair of linen shorts or a skirt.

Ultimately, a capsule wardrobe is the ideal starting point. It can definitely help someone find their unique style, if you feel like putting the work in. It really is a creative challenge, and I applaud those who make it work.  Let me know what your thoughts are! I would love to know what has worked for you, and of course all tips are welcome! A closet is always a work in progress. Love love you, my lovelies.