When Minimalism Isn't Easy

Sometimes I open my closet doors and stare at my clothes. Normal, right? And then I proceed to wish I had more clothes. That's pretty normal. Most people and most females are in a constant state of "I have nothing to wear".  I look through my hangers and I see the same old shirts and pants. My brain is tired and I can only remember the tired combinations I feel I have worn too many times. Surely someone has noticed my lack of clothing by now? Mornings like these I have to stop and evaluate what I am feeling and why I feel that way. Some days I experience everything at once: my tiredness with my clothing, jealousy of others' clothing, lack of creativity, and fearing others' opinions.  Each of these feelings are valid and should be addressed accordingly. More often than not, on days that I feel bored with my clothing, the root of the problem is a lack of creativity. I'm not saying I permanently lack creativity (even if it feels like it at times). Some days I just wake up and don't have the energy to think of a brand new way to pair a ruffly shirt and a pencil skirt. Maybe I can't think of a new hairstyle to make it seem as if I haven't worn this dress four times this month.  I have yet to find a solution that works every single time. Rather, I have a few that I cycle through until something works. If I have the time, I pick out all of my outfits for the week on Sunday. A ready made outfit is always a big help. The only issues are if the weather changes suddenly, or the outfit may not be as appealing on Thursday as it was on Sunday.  An alternative would be to have a few ready made outfits that you know you LOVE.  You can pick from these outfits when you're tired or just have too much to do.  If I don't have any outfits ready to go, I will stare at my closet for much longer than usual. I know. It is a brilliant solution to your problem. That is why you come here, to hear my revolutionary ideas.  Kidding aside, I can piece together a look that pleases me if I take the time to calm my mind and really look at my clothing. Just last week I paired the most interesting skull t-shirt with olive linen shorts. Normally, I pair plain white or black blouses with colored or textured bottoms, so this was out of my comfort zone. I was a little leery of the styles at first, but I was comfortable and cute at the end of the day.  Some looks may not work out, but learning to diversify and really use your wardrobe is so rewarding.  We are our own haute couture fashion designers, lovelies.

As for jealousy...there isn't a one time fix all.  It sucks. I know. I look at my friends or people I pass on the street and lust after their dress or that magical top.  I obsess over Instagram style feeds and crave the hottest trends. It isn't worth my money or my sanity to constantly want more.  One trick I've found helpful is to really look at the wearer of the illustrious top we need so badly. Look at why it works so well on that particular person. Is it because the color looks great with their skin tone? Do they have a really curvy figure? Or are they quite thin? Perhaps it is the way they've styled their makeup or hair. Now, can you recreate that look? Do you have the same figure or skin tone to pull it off? Maybe you don't have the same exact features, but you know yourself well enough to know whether it would look great on you. Don't buy something just because your favorite Insta model wore it.  If you've finished your personal assessment, assess your own closet. Do you really need this item? Would it enhance your wardrobe, and would you wear it often? If those answers are yes, then buy it by all means.  I find that asking myself these questions versus impulse buying has cut down on my spending and the unnecessary items I own.  It isn't foolproof. Sometimes I trick myself into thinking something is perfect for me. When that happens you have two choices. Either find a way to make it work or return it! I am the queen of returning items. No shame!

Minimalism isn't easy for everyone. I struggle with it a lot some days. While you aren't alone in your struggle, you don't have to be the carbon copy of a minimalist who owns 100 things.  Own, wear, and use things that bring YOU joy.  I find my closet is where I struggle the most with having minimal items. Where do you struggle most? What are your remedies for your own minimalist struggles? Maximize your happiness, not your wardrobe this week, lovelies.