Capsule 51: Making your Work Capsule Wardrobe Work for You

Is it date night or a work day? Who can tell 😉 I’m slowly going through my closet right now and trying to see what clothes from a past life get to stick around. I don’t need business-casual clothes at this point in my life, so those things are just taking up space in my closet if I can’t rework them. This week I incorporated my number one favorite pants for work, and if you work in a business environment I would HIGHLY recommend this style. Can you guess which ones they are? 


Hint: it’s not these jeans. I mean things might be business casual, but we can’t forget the business end. I can definitively say I will never go back to low or mid rise jeans. A girl likes to see her waist! When you’re as straight as I am, you need a little definition.  


Excuse me, the queen is here. Ready to tell all the peasants to bring me their favorite playlists and some good tasting chicken. I’m a benevolent ruler after all. And I can probably smuggle all the peasant goods in the folds of this dress, that’s how voluminous it is.  


If you were guessing and you guessed these lost. Okay, I lied. You win! Every lady needs a pair of wide leg pants for work. Whether you prefer a drapy pair like this or a more structured pair, they give a good change from the cropped banana republic ankle pants you see on everyone else in corporate America. And let’s be real, they’re way comfier, too.  


Another plus of high waisted jeans? You can wear cropped tops. I’m not talking cropped tops let’s show off some underboob crop. I mean the more flattering crop length than those shirts we could stretch down to our knees in the mid 2000s. And you could stretch the cami you wore underneath even further for extra “flair”. Once I started learning more about the fit of clothing, I realized how flattering it is when tops are at your natural waist or hip height. Any lower than hips and you usually have some funky bunching and the length isn’t flattering. I’m pretty short (5’3”), so cropped length tends to hit me at my hips most of the time, which is still flattering. 


Now THIS is an outfit I could wear to work! It’s simple, flattering, modest, and extremely appropriate. Have you seen some of the things they market as workwear these days?! Sorry Express, but I think a lot of us would be fired if we showed up in half sheer shirts. And ain’t nobody got time to dig through and find a matching cami. If you do need a work capsule wardrobe, invest in some quality tees like this one. The higher cut and thicker fabric make it less of a tee and more appropriate. Throw a simple necklace on and no one will know you wore the same shirt to sleep in. 

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