A Complete List of Zero Waste Makeup Brands


As I started my journey on minimalism, I found that I wanted to extend that to using less of the Earth’s resources. But, that’s kind of a HUGE task. We consume so, so much every.single.day.

Which is why you have to start small.

Ladies, one way you can start is by switching out your makeup (after it’s used up, because why waste it!) for zero waste makeup options. I started doing this, and I found that I had a much greater appreciation for what I was using and what was going in my body.

Remember, your skin is the largest organ you have and it absorbs everything. I really don’t want to end up like Queen Elizabeth with lead poisoning because I was using unsafe makeup!

Ready to see which 11 brands can knock your sustainably made zero waste socks off?!

1| elate cosmetics

Zero Waste | Bamboo packaging, Tin refillable packaging, Natural ingredients, Plastic Free Delivery Option

Price Range | $4-32

If you really want to walk the walk AND look the look of a zero waster, then Elate is for you. Their bamboo packaging just screams “We’re organic and we love the earth!” All of which is true!

I love that you can get refills on products and create even less waste that way. Because recycled packages are great and all, but creating less waste to begin with is the holy grail.

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2 | ilia

Zero Waste | Recycled aluminum and glass cosmetic packaging, Sephora Clean Certified, Recycled paper packaging

Price Range | $24-54

I’m all for saving the environment, but sometimes it’s just hard. I love the fact that Ilia is sold at Sephora, because that makes it much easier for me to shop that brand.

It’s great to support small business, but if you don’t have the strength to wait for something to come from a small business that might be hand-making things overseas then try out Ilia. First thing to try? Their mascara!!!

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3| axiology

Zero Waste | Paper Shipping packaging, Recycled aluminum lipstick tubes, Vegan, Cruelty-free, Supports women owned businesses

Price Range | $24-30

Don’t you just love the name Axiology? It makes me feel like I’m getting some cool 80s underground makeup. Now, they only sell lipstick, but they fill such a niche!

The problem with a lot of zero waste makeup is the emphasis on natural shades and limited colors, but Axiology sells a great range of bright lipsticks and stains! Want to be zero waste but still want your face to have fun? This is where it’s at.

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4 | besame

Zero Waste | Vintage cosmetics that are packaged in recyclable materials (particularly paper), Water soluble packing materials, Packaging that lends itself to limit waste of large, decorative containers

Price Range | $5-35

This is the makeup your grandmother was probably using, minus the lead that gives you diseases. Besame manufactures makeup in the way that it used to be made, which had way less waste.

Not only is the packaging adorable, but the products are much safer to use on your face. It might take a little getting used to, though. The shape of the lipsticks and the cake mascara are not the same modern conveniences we’re used to using.

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5| alima pure

Zero Waste | Refillable magnetic pans, Organic ingredients, Carbon Neutral (meaning their carbon emissions are entirely offset)

Price Range | $14-46

Did you know it was possible to be Carbon Neutral? Meaning that of all the carbon emissions made in making Alima’s cosmetics, they’re either eliminated from the process or offset by planting trees. Um, cool!

Alima Pure is my go to for that midpoint between cheap and high end makeup. Their products are light coverage and extremely natural on, so if you want a full face of makeup this one is not for you.

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6| clean faced cosmetics

Zero Waste | Small Business, Handmade and affordable, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Will make custom shades of any product, Returning containers to the owner will get you a coupon

Price Range | $12-20

Man, I just love supporting small business. Etsy has really made it so that we can do this easier! Clean Faced Cosmetics is on Etsy and is an entirely vegan and cruelty free zero waste line of makeup.

The products are handmade! Heck, the owner will even customize a shade for you! And we all know just how hard it is to find that perfect shade of foundation. Don’t forget to return your containers, because you’ll get a coupon for your next purchase!

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7| ecotools

Zero Waste | Bamboo brush handles, Natural stones, Recycled paper packaging, Synthetic cruelty free bristles

Price Range | $8-20

Alright, this one isn’t technically makeup, but if you aren’t into applying makeup with your fingers, you’re probably going to need some brushes.

Ecotools brushes are made with bamboo (and skincare brushes like the jade rollers include natural stone) which grows super fast, making it more sustainable than wood. The bristles are synthetic and therefore cruelty free, as well.

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8 | beautycounter

Zero Waste | Use glass alternatives, Product packaging is recyclable, Any plastic does not contain PVC or BPA, Powder Compacts use recycled paper packaging

Price Range | $20-89

I think I’ve fallen in love with BeautyCounter. They just do luxe SO good. Their pricing is that of a mid range brand, but their products are so high end. I’m a particular fan of their brow gel.

Their makeup shines, but their skincare line might shine even brighter. To top it off the brand is incredibly transparent about the ingredients in EVERYTHING and what exactly is in their packaging.

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9| kjaer Weis

Zero Waste | Stainless Steel packaging that is 100% recyclable, Some refillable products like Mascara, Compostable paper mailer packaging

Price Range | $38-78

Kjaer Weis is a pricy one, but this is a makeup compact you’ll have for life. The actual compact is made of steel, and some products have interior tins that can be replaced. If not? Steel is 100% recyclable and thus creates no waste.

The products are on the pricy side, but that’s often the trade off that comes with wanting to protect our earth.

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10| Noto botanics

Zero Waste | All glass packaging with recycled plastic caps, Boxes are biodegradable, Products that contain palm oil use oil sourced from sources that don’t contribute to deforestation

Price Range | $18-55

There’s just something about glass packaging that I love, and boy does Noto have all the glass packaging. Their multi use stain is DIVINE, but you absolutely must check out their serums.

So many skincare lines are tested on animals and packaged haphazardly creating a ton of waste. But, the Noto serums are great for you, cruelty free, zero waste, and just plain work!

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11 | juice beauty

Zero Waste | Tubing and caps made from plant based resin, Based in California and sources ingredients locally to reduce fuel waste, Recyclable paper products

Price Range | $10-80

I’ve seen a lot of ways to package things, but Juice Beauty takes the cake with their plant based resin packaging. Um, talk about innovative!

Their actual makeup line is small but mighty. You’ll really want to check out their skincare, though. It’ll take you from sun care to moisturizer to eye cream and beyond!

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