Ethical Style


Where to find Ethical Fashion

Ethically and sustainably made clothing is the unicorn of the fashion world, but like narwhals and unlike unicorns, they actually exist. And, it’s affordable too. There are tons of brands out there besides your local thrift shop full of 2000s graphic tees to find stylish and ethical clothing. Brands you never thought were ethical (ahem, Old Navy) are some of the best places to shop responsibly. Slow fashion is queen, here. And to fast fashion we say, buh-bye.


Ethical Brand Reviews

Here is where you’ll find my 1000% honest reviews of ethical companies and their products. The good, the bad, and the real ugly. Some, you’'ll be surprised made it on the ethical list. Other long term members you might not love what I have to say about their “ethical” practices. But, mostly, you’ll find top notch reviews of products you were curious about and I tried for you!


Green Beauty

Finding green, vegan, and cruelty-free makeup and skincare products doesn’t come easy. And they don’t always live up to the hype. But, we shouldn’t have to sacrifice for helping the planet, which is why I’ve created this category of “Green Beauty” to round up my favorite beauty products that love the earth and her people too.