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What is a one week capsule wardrobe?

I envied style bloggers for a long time. I was dying to be as stylish and as Instafamous, but my bank account was dying too. I quickly noticed that almost every post I saw had an entirely different outfit. This is killer for a budget, and it makes it hard to see how you could wear that item, too!

So, I began my journey. First stop: Complete minimalism. Can you believe I once tried to survive with 100 items (including furniture, nail polish, towels!)? Oh, how I laugh at my naivety. Next stop: Capsule Wardrobe. This worked...briefly. My inner maximalist could not handle this method for even a season. If you aren't familiar with capsule wardrobes, it typically involves picking around 30 items of clothing each season or even a year and only wearing that. Yeah...not for me. So, I did it my way. I created the One Week Wardrobe, and my wardrobe game and life have seriously changed.

Here's all you have to do: pick five pieces of clothing from your closet (not including shoes), and create five (sometimes more) outfits. I do this method every week, and not only does it make sure I wear all of my clothes but it pushes me creatively. This ensures I wear absolutely EVERYTHING in my closet. My options are pretty much endless, but that doesn't stop me from shopping outside of my closet. Weekly capsules also guarantee I never get tired of what I'm wearing (which can happen with typical capsules).

Could I make more than five outfits? Probably. And I do, occasionally. I keep it to 5 to allow myself a lounge day or accommodate for special events. Lots of capsules tout "ten items, ten outfits". Well, yeah maybe that works if you have 7 shirts and 3 pairs of pants. But do all of those combinations look good? Or is it just adding another number to make your capsule seem versatile? I actually tried creating six outfits from five items for a while, the proof is in the past posts. But, I found I wasn't being real. These were not realistic or unique outfits; I was just trying to hit a number. I want to be real with you guys. Five is just the right number.

I try to shake my capsules up a bit, too. I might work with two pairs of pants, a skirt, a dress, and a blouse. Or maybe three pairs of pants and two blouses. The best part of my method is that your capsule will never get old. It only lasts a week! Ladies, leave that weekend for your pajamas or a repeat!

You'll also be able to dress more accordingly to the weather and save time planning. Seasonal or yearly capsule wardrobes are time consuming! Choosing a color palette, buying items to fit in, and making sure it's seasonally appropriate, just to name a few. My method is easy and compatible with any lifestyle, not to mention traveling. If you don't have much time in the mornings, your clothes for the week are ready, but you aren't confined to a specific outfit. If you have plenty of time, get a little more creative and push the boundaries with your outfit combinations.

The One Week Wardrobe has changed my life, and I hope you'll give it a try. Challenge yourself. Remember, it only lasts a week!

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