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HEY! I’m laurie loo.

Thanks for visiting – it’s my hope that you can release a little sigh of relief when you click over to our (‘cause it’s definitely ours) digital home.

This is your safe space and place to learn, grow, share, evolve, and be unapologetically you.

Which reminds me…

I’ve gotta be real with you. 

Growing up, there was nobody to teach me how to dress well. My wardrobe was built on the scraps of ‘sale’ racks and whatever happened to catch my eye at the time. 

Quality was an afterthought. No, I lie: Quality wasn’t even considered. And as for environmental and ethical impact? Pure gibberish to my younger self. 

But even as I slipped on my well-worn embroidered butterfly jeans, I couldn’t shake this niggling, annoying, frustrating feeling of wrongness.  

I didn’t enjoy getting dressed. I didn’t enjoy shopping for clothes. And I definitely didn’t enjoy how I felt in my clothes—Maybe you’ve felt something similar?

I knew that there had to be a better way. A better way to dress and a better way to shop and a better way to feel.

Four years ago…


I began blogging on minimalism. I quickly realized there was really only so much I wanted to say about minimalism, but I had a heck of a lot to say (and learn) about style.

The deeper I dug in my research, the more important it became for me to not only create a personal style that was attainable for others, but that was ethical too. You don’t need to blow your bank balance on your wardrobe. Your clothes can be beautiful and budget-friendly and earth-friendly. They’re not mutually exclusive.  

And most importantly, we are allowed to care about our own personal style. It’s not vain. It’s not superficial. And it needn’t be overwhelming. 



Today, my style journey has evolved from learning to implementing and educating on ethical style, in a refreshingly easy way.

Because when I was struggling to figure out how to dress better, I longed for somebody to tell me, “Okay, here’s a roadmap of what works and what doesn’t work and WHY.”

You’ve gotta know the why. The why is the science. The why is the ingredients. The why is HOW you’re going to do this. But the why is also really tricky to figure out yourself.

So once I’d quadruple-checked, tested and refined my ethical style process (‘cause it IS a process - not an art), I was determined to help other women in the same metaphorical dressing room too. 

After all, I figured I wasn’t the only one that had faceplanted onto my laptop while researching how to dress better. 

…And so my business was born. 

With my tried-and-tested style guidance, I’m here to demystify budget-friendly ethical shopping and help you master the foundations of fashion so you can perfect your personal style. 

We’ll take it step by step with a simple, scientific process and bite-sized instructions that make it easy for you to implement tangible changes and see real results. 


No magic. No guesswork. No stress.