Why hello!

I’m Lauren, otherwise known as the author of Laurie Loo. Whew, I’m nervous! This feels like an interview. The dreaded first question. "So, Lauren, tell me about yourself."

Ummmmmm. Internally chastising myself for not doing anything interesting with my life ever

"I’m from the Deep South, but you probably couldn’t tell from my nonexistent accent. I’m obsessed with acquiring lipstick I rarely wear. If I’m not out shopping, you can probably find me in a blanket eating Buffalo Wing Pretzels while I online shop."


"Oh, and I’m also an occasional amateur artist/crafter, a blogger, and a lover of anything fashion related. Also, make sure to write down that I love books!"  That’ll definitely make them think I’m intelligent

I joke around, but this is what blogging and writing is about. You’re seeing how you feel about me, and I try to offer up my best.

My main mission is to share about all aspects of minimalist living, from capsule wardrobes to shopping ethically and everything in between. But, this isn’t like every other minimalist blog. This is about minimalism and capsule wardrobes for regular people. Ya know, the ones that don’t have the time to wash the single plate they own after every meal or buy those $600 jeans because they’ll last “forever”.

I’m a regular girl who has some cool ideas about how we can love the earth and it’s people a little more, without inconveniencing your daily life. Things that have made my life not only easier, but much, much more enjoyable. I don’t preach total life overhauls or throwing out everything you own and moving cross country. Nope. I kinda like where I’m at, but changing little things here and there can and will fill your life with more purpose and self-love. Cause we could all use a little more self-love baby (read that in your best hippie voice).

Writing about style, particularly ethical style, is my thing because of my creation the One Week Wardrobe. I created the One Week Wardrobe after many, many attempts at creating a capsule wardrobe and falling short. You see, I’m a maximalist at heart. I love pretty clothes and sparkly skirts, but it doesn’t do me or my wallet any good if they sit in my closet 97% of the year. The One Week Wardrobe gives me the best of the maximalist world and the capsule world.  Now I wouldn’t dream of dressing any other way. And in the midst of all that, I gotta keep it affordable, because I'm poor, you're poor. Girl, we're all poor and trying to keep it together while looking like a million.

I’ve got a saying around here: “Looking Good = Feeling Good”, so get ready to feel good.

So, what do you need from me?


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