12 Ethical Clothing Companies Based in the USA


In spite of the fabulous American flag shirts from Old Navy we were all forced to wear at a young age, sadly these are not Made in the USA. Cue my patriotic tears.

But! If you’re a unicorn who wants to not only shop ethically but wants to shop at ethical clothing companies only in the USA? I’ve got you. This list is for you, girlfriend. I’m about to make all your fair trade patriotic dreams come true. So get out your freedom dollars and your pet eagle to go on the trip of your life.

Wait, are you wondering what the heck ethical fashion is?

Check out this post and then circle back ‘round.

1| Pact

Ethical | Completely organic fabrics, Fair-Trade Factory Certified, No toxic dyes and pesticides used in production, fairly payed employees

Price Range | $12-40

Sizes | XS-2X

Okay, Pact Organics just might have to be on the top of all of my ethical clothing lists, and it certainly helps that they’re Made in the US! I love Pact for their basics in the coziest fabrics and simple cuts. There’s nothing jaw dropping here in the style, but your skin will certainly feel luxurious under these babies!

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2 | Reformation

Ethical | Recycled and Eco-Friendly Fabrics, Packaging made from waste materials, Carbon emission reduction program, Manufactures in the USA!

Price Range | $28-388

Sizes | XS-XL

No, not the Reformation you learned about in school and subsequently hated. Although, they’re certainly pulling some Medieval Reformation moves on the style game and turning it upside down. Reformation is where you’ll want to go for that cool girl vibe you normally get from fast fashion, but ethically and sustainably made.

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3| Patagonia

Ethical | Only uses certified organic cotton (GOTS), Uses recycled poly materials, Has resale program for own goods, Pays living wages and tracks supply chain

Price Range | $15-350

Sizes | XS-XL

Who knew Patagonia made something other than my favorite pullover? I adore Patagonia for their dedication to the environment, which isn’t as common as you’d think it’d be in the outdoor apparel market! They also make some pretty dang great regular clothing, if activewear isn’t your vibe.

Not in your price range? Check out Patagonia Worn Wear.

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4 | Ash & Rose

Ethical | Boutique of variety of ethical brands that all meet defined criteria, Does not carry goods that use sweatshop or child labor, Cruelty Free Products

Price Range | $49-148

Sizes | XS-XL

Shopping ethically can be exhausting, y’all. Having to know the deets on every single brand is a lot but worth it. However, if you don’t have the time or want to browse without the worry, check out Ash & Rose! They’ve done all the work for you and curated ethical brands and items in one amazing boutique. Bonus: There’s a special Made in the USA category.

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5| Brook There

Ethical | Made in the USA, organic cotton milled in the USA, GOTS certified, Vegan options, Recycled packaging

Price Range | $48-88

Sizes | 32A-36D

Oh sooo pretty. I love the little details that make otherwise kind of boring pieces POP. The organic cotton options are luxe baby, but you can also get silk options if you’re feeling extra in love with yourself (which you should!)

It’s hard enough to find any kind of brand that’s made in the US but a lingerie brand is almost unheard of, so I will definitely continue to support Brook There.

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6| Flynn SKye

Ethical | Small Batch Clothing made in California, Sustainably made and sustainable fabrics, Transparent supply chain and labor practices

Price Range | $26-238

Sizes | XS-XL

Small batch clothing means you don’t risk wearing the same thing as your cubicle neighbor, which is honestly a nightmare. I mean we like each other and all but….

Designer and small batch often means BIG bucks and major designers like say Dior (gag) can be the biggest users or slave labor and bad environmental practices. Ditch the price tag and the grossness and try out Flynn Skye.

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7| American Apparel

Ethical | Sweatshop Free, Large usage of organic fabrics like cotton, Basics that will last, Transparent Supply Chain, Member of various Ethical Initiatives

Price Range | $5-118

Sizes | XXS-XXL

Remember when American Apparel closed its stores and broke our teenage hearts for eternity? Well, they’re back! And ethically made in the US to boot.

American Apparel has its place in my heart for incredible basics at an affordable price while somehow still staying on trend. Whoever the witches are that are doing this black magic, let’s talk.

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8 | True Religion

Ethical | All vendors meet ethical and environment standards from True Religion, Does not employ sweatshop labor or child labor, Pays living wages

Price Range | $27-299

Sizes | XXS-XL and 23-34

Denim denim denim. True Religion is for those truly religious about their denim. For real.

Denim is a major waste producer in the clothing industry and the massive use of cotton can be prettyyyy bad for the environment. True Religion has a commitment to manufacturing in the US, which has much higher ethical and environmental standards to uphold and is thus all around better for all of us.

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9| Frye Company

Ethical | Italian Leather but American Made for almost 200 years, High quality meant to last a lifetime, Living wages paid, Naturally dyed leather

Price Range | $249-498

Sizes | 5.5-11

If you spend money on anything, spend money on the things between you and the ground. Mattresses, tires, and shoes, my friends.

A bad shoe will wreck your life, maybe even permanently. Cheap doesn’t mean bad and expensive doesn’t mean good, but in the case of Frye Company you’re getting what you pay for in the comfort and support of their amazing boots.

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10| Alex & Ani

Ethical | Ethically sourced gems and metals, Jewelry meant to last generations and be added to not replaced, Supports numerous charities, Based in Rhode Island

Price Range | $16-158

Okay, so it isn’t technically clothing, but we all need to accessorize! I love that this brand offers charm bracelets, which is a fun deviation from the minimal jewelry we see everywhere.

Charm bracelets are the capsule wardrobes of jewelry, y’all. You can mix up the charms, only wear one or two, put em all on, and just mix it up to your heart’s desire.

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11 | Elizabeth Suzann

Ethical | Timeless styles in heritage fabrics, Cut and sewn locally in Nashville, Natural fabrics only, Reduction of production and packaging waste

Price Range | $95-295

Sizes | 000-14

For the truly minimalist style gal, Elizabeth Suzann is about to be your new lover. Can you say “Linen Lover”?

Her styles are very simple and Eileen Fisher esque, but at a somewhat more affordable price and less of the rich California white yogi vibe. A vibe I respect but don’t want to emulate quiteeeee yet.

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12 | Emerson Fry

Ethical | Family owned and produced, Limited production to reduce waste, Uses unique production techniques over machines, Natural/heritage fabrics

Price Range | $48-378

Sizes | XXS-XL

Okay, mommas. This one’s for you. Want to match with your little one? Check out the Small Fry Collection at Emerson Fry and raise up your babe knowing about amazing and ethically produced style.

Is there any other way to raise a child? I think not.

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