12 Ethical Lingerie Brands for Every Size


Let’s face it, lingerie is a touchy subject (not just because it’s all up in your intimates). We’ve got fit issues out the wazoo and where do you find affordable ones and oh wait, can it be pretty, too?

Then you add in fair trade and ethically made and it seems kind of impossible to find one dang fair trade bra or lingerie set! I happen to have a bit of fascination with lingerie (and buying too much of it), so I’ve figured out which brands are the best as far as ethics AND fit.

One thing we often forget in well-made lingerie and bras is an inclusive size range, from the smallest boobs to the biggest. And we all want to feel good in what we’re wearing, so don't you dare relegate me to full coverage up to your neck grandma bras or a bra that still has a Hello Kitty bow from the Juniors section.

The brands below get it pretty right on all of these factors, and they won’t break the bank either.

1| Pact

Ethical | Completely organic fabrics, Fair-Trade Factory Certified, No toxic dyes and pesticides used in production, fairly payed employees

Price Range | $10-30

Sizes | XS-2X

Pact is on the forefront of organic fabrics and the softest fabric to ever touch your most intimate areas. Pact doesn’t sell bras with cups (because they’re all about comfort, duh), so it may not be the best choice if you’re particularly busty.

The styles are simple bralettes and sports bras that don’t give the dreaded uniboob. I really like the bralettes for days where I can’t stand to cage the girls, because the straps are thin enough to look like a bra and be hidden, but feel like I’m this close to free boobs.

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2 | cuup

Ethical | Ultra diverse marketing (something not enough ethical brands do!), ethical working conditions, super size inclusive, affordably and ethically made

Price Range | $68!

Sizes | 30A-38G

All of the bras are priced the same!! Y’all that’s insane. Have you ever gone to shop for a bra, only to find out that the one with the extra piece of lace that boosts your confidence comes at a premium? Um, yeah. Thank you, CUUP.

And to all of the gals sized out of most bra brands, whether too small or big, now you can get beautiful bras that are ethically made anddd don’t look like you stole them from the juniors department/your grandma’s closet. And I would be remiss to mention that the matching panties are pretty dang affordable, while you’re there.

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3| organic basics

Ethical | Classic and timeless designs, organic cotton produced ethically and sustainably, antibacterial elements, locally made, ethical and fair trade supply chain

Price Range | $47-69

Sizes | XS-XL

Silvertech, yep that’s a thing, and no it’s not for your phone. It’s for your undies! Let’s be real, after a day in the summer heat things can get a little moist and you have to wash your bra that you’ve maybe been wearing for a week.

Organic Basics has created this element called SilverTech that’s made into the fabrics of their underwear and is an antimicrobial, aka anti germs! It keeps you cleaner, and it means you can wash less, which is better for the environment. I loveee end to end ethicalness.

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4 | Everlane

Ethical | Designed in Canada, recycled packaging, diverse employers, sustainable fabrics and efforts to limit carbon emissions, and donates portion sales to Equitas

Price Range | $22-24

Sizes | XXS-XL

Is there a section of the fashion industry that Everlane hasn’t ethically dominated? Yeah, no. Their latest venture is into fair trade bras and panties, and I gotta say they hit it out of the park.

They now offer three different styles: the tank bra, the bralette, and the triangle bra. All with matching panties, which is basically all I’ve ever wanted. Now, none of these bras are padded, but the cotton is fairly thick and could hide mosttt pointy objects except on the absolute coldest of days.

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5| Naja

Ethical | Zero waste options, Made by single mothers and female heads of household who are fairly paid and get benefits, Nude bras in variety of shades, recycled fabrics, digital printing to reduce dye waste

Price Range | $33-110

Sizes | 32B-36DD

I try really hard to shop ethically and fair trade, but sometimes you want something beautiful and unique…but most well made things are basic.

Introducing Naja. If you ever wanted sushi on your panties, bengal cats on your bra, or just some gorgeous wildflowers peeking out of your jeans, then this is where you need to shop.

Maybe you’re like me and want a little fun but still want to be able to wear a white shirt, they have nude and other basic colors with fun designs on the inside! Naja, you’ve truly thought of everything.

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6| third Love

Ethical | Diverse sizing, Try before you buy reduces waste, Fabrics free of harmful dyes and metals, organic cotton options, Donates bras to women in need

Price Range | $68-76

Sizes | 28A-40G

I just love a business model that lets me try the product before forking out my money, especially when it’s for something as finicky as a bra. I cannot begin to count the number of bras I’ve returned after ordering online and crossing my fingers and toes that it will fit, even from the same brand!

ThirdLove allows you to try on at home (no old lady measuring your tatas) and gives you a detailed guide to self fit, even going so far as to offer half sizes! There’s an extremely wide range of sizes (my 30 band big girls thank you) and they come in the most beautiful colors and styles.

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7| base range

Ethical | Natural and recycled fabrics, Environmentally friendly production,

Price Range | $44-85

Sizes | XS-L

BaseRange offers a range of great bras and lingerie, and all in the sleekest styles known to womankind. These aren’t lacy styles or anything that will blow your mind with intricacy, but the simple details are pleasing and will cup you in all of the right places.

I really like the range of basic and neutral colors, because man, I wear a lot of white. And as much as I wish I could wear colorful bras everyday, my inner voice from my mother screams at me.

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8 | me-undies

Ethical | Workers paid fair wages, GOTS certified, documented supply chain, organic fabrics, ethical sourcing and production

Price Range | $32

Sizes | XS-2X

If you haven’t seen the ads for Me-Undies literally everywhere, I want to live under your rock. But, if you’re like me, from the ads you thought it was a weird way to match with your boyfriend and have emoji undies?

I meannnn, you can do all of that, but they also offer incredible neutral options, as well! Yes, that picture is of a real bra and panty set! You should also know that their range of nude skintone colors is incredible, no matter what your color, MeUndies has got you.

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9| thinx

Ethical | Fair and safe working conditions, ethically sourced fabrics, environmentally sustainable manufacturing, empowering women to look good and feel good on their period!

Price Range | $24-38

Sizes | XS-3X

Okay, so this one doesn’t sell bras, BUT I had to include it for, well, reasons.

Thinx makes period underwear, essentially letting you have a free flow period and probably free boob it, as well. While I am not blessed enough to only get away with these underwear on my period, these are also great for wearing a tampon and no liner or when your period is just starting/ending or as backup to whatever menstrual method you choose.

It’s great to know there’s a safe guard from ruining my expensive denim, honestly. And by expensive I mean like 40 hard earned dollars.

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10| brook there

Ethical | Made in the USA, organic cotton milled in the USA, GOTS certified, Vegan options, Recycled packaging

Price Range | $48-88

Sizes | 32A-36D

Oh sooo pretty. I love the little details that make otherwise kind of boring pieces POP. The organic cotton options are luxe baby, but you can also get silk options if you’re feeling extra in love with yourself (which you should!)

It’s hard enough to find any kind of brand that’s made in the US but a lingerie brand is almost unheard of, so I will definitely continue to support Brook There.

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11 | lara intimates

Ethical | Uses recycled and deadstock fabrics, Zero Waste, Completely transparent, Diverse sizes and colors

Price Range | $60-72

Sizes | 26A-36I

If you visit Lara’s site, you’ll see pretty much every shape and color and age of woman you thought possible and maybe more. I love it. It’s always so refreshing to see people like you wearing the things you want to wear, and honestly, it makes me want to buy it more when I can see how it can actually look on me!

I also love that Lara Intimates is zero waste, to the point that they shred any leftover fabric of their own and either recycle or shred it to stuff with. Anddd they keep after all of the other wasteful industries and buy their fabric waste to make more beautiful things. Who knew Zero Waste could be more than mason jars in Whole Foods.

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12 | h&M

Ethical | Uses renewable energy, Transparent supply chain, Recycled clothing and Beauty products program, Member of Better Cotton Initiative, and pays livable wages to workers

Price Range | $13-35

Sizes | 32A-36F

Oh yeah, H&M has made that sustainable comeback and are now pretty dang safe to buy from, so you can get your bras on the cheap andddd on the ethical.

I love the variety of fun styles from H&M, and while they may not be as luxe as some of the other options, they’re always great for a pick me up or when I’m feeling bland in my lingerie.

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