The Best 6 Closet & Outfit Planning Apps Reviewed


Virtual Closet? As if! I was blown away when I found out there are apps that let you organize your closet and plan outfits! It’s like Pinterest but personalized to your closet.

But, just like setting up those carefully curated Pinterest boards, setting up your digital closet is no easy process.

I downloaded 6 different closet apps to figure out which one works the best. I used each one for a few weeks and evaluated them on the following features:

  • Ease of Use

  • Time to Upload Closet

  • Outfit Suggestion Quality

  • Cost

  • Closet Statistics

Ultimately, there was one app that blew me away on all of these, but each app had its merits…and its cons. Find out which one it was, and you’ll be on your way to your dream of a perfect Clueless style closet.


1 | Stylebook

Available On | iPhone

Price | $3.99

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  • You can upload pictures of your own clothing with no background

  • You can “clip” images from the web so you don’t have to take pictures of your clothing

  • Packing List Feature is great for travel

  • Entering so much data provides really detailed statistics about your closet

  • Creating outfits or looks is easy to do and you can categorize them


  • Uploading clothing images and entering size, color, and brand info for each piece is time consuming (took me at least 8 hours)

  • Not Free

  • Interface is a little outdated

  • The background erasing software is pretty bad sometimes and requires manual edits for that perfect white background

  • The outfit suggestions aren’t as good as other apps and isn’t automatic or weather-based

  • Deleting the app will delete your closet and your hard work!

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2 | Cladwell

Available On | iPhone and coming soon to Android

Price | Free for Life (Limited Time)

Read My Full Review of Cladwell Here


  • The interface is super sleek and modern and very easy to use

  • Outfit suggestions take weather into account (great for those of us who don’t check the weather before getting dressed)

  • You don’t have to put in a lot info about each item if you don’t want to, but if you want to it has pre-made options to select from instead of typing your own.

  • You don’t have to take pictures of your own closet and can instead use the Cladwell database to fill your closet

  • You can upload your own photos of your wardrobe if you have the time or desire

  • Deleting the app won’t delete your closet! Your account is linked to your email.

  • Their outfit suggestions are top notch and provide tips on how to wear the outfit


  • Cladwell isn’t as insight/closet stat heavy as some other apps. There are a few statistics like most worn items, colors you own/wear the most, percent of closet worn, etc. If you want a closet app for the data, Cladwell isn’t for you.

  • The Least Worn Items stats takes a while to be accurate, especially if you haven’t been using the app long or have only done it for one season.

  • You can’t tweak the specifics of the outfit suggestions you want. For example, I rarely wear jackets, but my outfits always add a “layer” like a jacket or sweater. Easy to ignore this part, though.

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3| Smart Closet

Available On | Android and iPhone

Price | Free


  • You can upload your own pictures or search the database for clothes like those in your closet.

  • The database is the most extensive I’ve seen and easiest to filter. The pictures are linked to actual items, so you can see the designer/brand, price, retailer, etc. instead of just a picture like other closet databases.

  • You can shop items and add them to your favorites list

  • You can create your own outfit looks and share those for others to see

  • There is more control over the outfit suggestions. If you want only outfit suggestions that include skirts and t-shirts, you can make a “Random Rule” for that. You can make as many rules as you want to generate and plan outfits.


  • There is a bigger focus on shopping in this app, which may be too tempting for some.

  • The statistics on your closet aren’t very extensive and mostly consist of your most worn colors, brands, and closet item count.

  • Logging outfits you’ve worn is a bit of a “hidden” feature

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4 | ClosetSpace

Available On | Android and iPhone

Price | Free


  • Available to Android and iPhone

  • You can sync your outfits with your google calendar, which is a cool way to plan outfits for events!

  • You can filter inspirational looks by weather, but not your own looks.


  • The interface is very outdated and not “pretty”

  • When creating outfits, you don’t have control over how your collage looks. You choose the pieces from your closet, but the app places them in a collage for you.

  • The app crashes A LOT and doesn’t appear to have had any updates for a few years. If you want to keep your digital closet safe, I think I would avoid this app.

  • Big focus on shopping and inspiration, not as much of a focus on your own closet and wearing what you have and organizing it

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5| ShopLook

Ethical | Android and iPhone

Price Range | Free


  • Replacement for those who miss polyvore collages!

  • Inspiration heavy for those who just want to create looks and don’t want a digital closet app

  • Good app to experiment with fashion and create things you might want to try, without spending your own money


  • This is more of an outfit inspiration app than an organize your closet app

  • The database of available clothing is slim pickings sometimes, but you can always upload your own pictures.

  • No stats on your own closet or things you save to your collages

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6| glamoutfit

Ethical | Android and iPhone

Price Range | $2.99


  • You can sync your planned outfits to your Google calendar! This is a fun feature to be able to remember what you want to wear for certain events.

  • You can post your own outfit collages of something you want to wear and get feedback from other users

  • In addition to posting you own outfits, you can ask for users to create outfits for you with items from your digital closet.

  • Good app to experiment with fashion and create things you might want to try, without spending your own money


  • When you want feedback on an outfit or an outfit made for you, feedback isn’t immediate. So, you will need to plan at least a few hours ahead.

  • The digital closet is kind of a side feature in this app and lacking in some of the data you might want

  • You can upload pictures of your own clothing or use the database, but the pictures often have a model wearing the clothing. I prefer images with only the product. It helps me picture the outfit better on myself.

  • Not Free

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The Winner


Of all the features you could want in a closet app, Cladwell has them all. From impeccable outfit suggestions to an extensive database to closet statistics, Cladwell does it all. This is the app I found myself actually wanting to use.

Most of the other apps had one, maybe two things I liked. Cladwell combined allllll of the features I wanted and made it easy and fun to use.

There’s something to be said about the design of Cladwell. It has plenty of white space and beautiful elements, which draw you into the app and your closet. Other apps are clunky and don’t have your closet and your outfits front and center. You’re going to be more motivated to use a visually pleasing app (or maybe that’s just my inner designer).

I like that you can quickly get started with making your closet, rather than having to manually take and upload pictures, you can use the database (which is huge). The outfit suggestions have styling tips. The statistics give me enough to tell me where I can improve in my closet without overwhelming me with data.

This is a great starter closet app, and at the price of Free for Life (limited time) I wouldn’t pass it up.


Stylebook & GlamOutfit

The two runners-up have individual features that make them worth a separate download.

Stylebook offers extremely in depth statistics, but the up-front work is a lot. Since it is time consuming and not a free app, I would suggest that you only download Stylebook after you’ve been using a digital closet app for at least a month consistently. The initial start-up could be a major turn off to those just starting (it was for me).

GlamOutfit really isn’t all that great as a closet organization app. But it isn’t supposed to be. It’s major selling point is the interactive styling! The $2.99 is for sure worth it if you’re someone who is indecisive or just getting started in fashion and wants some help.

You can start with getting suggestions for yourself, but when you start making outfits for others you’ll learn a ton about fashion and style.