Build a Winter Capsule Wardrobe for Under $300


What if you could buy a whole new winter capsule wardrobe for under $300?! Oh yeah, it’s possible. And it isn’t full of cheap stuff, either.

I created this capsule wardrobe for the winter and came in under $300 for 15 pieces of clothing. Fifteen pieces is more than enough to create a new wardrobe or add to some of your favorite winter pieces.

If you’re in the position where you’ve totally cleaned out your closet or due to a disaster you need to redo the ole wardrobe, this is a great option for getting a new capsule on the cheap and not sacrificing fun or quality.

Without further ado, here is the miracle capsule!


Wait, I bet you’re probably pretty curious how much each of these things cost. So, I made another graphic showing the price of each and the totals. Keep scrolling, sister.


Everything is sooooo dang affordable. I tried to find a mix of basic pieces and a couple of trendy pieces to liven it up like the ankle boots or the plaid shirtdress.

Some of these items are priced as they are on sale, which I only did because the retailers they came from almost constantly have the items on sale.

You know the type that sends you an email for a “Limited Time Only 40% Off!” only to send you an email two days later for a “Flash 60% Off Sale!!”. None of these items are clearance, so you don’t have to worry about false low prices.

What are the pieces?

Where to Shop

I get it, this capsule may not be your taste or you just want to know how and where to get an affordable capsule wardrobe. Here are some of my favorite places that offer low prices and fairly good quality for the price.

I’m on an Ultra Budget

Three hundred dollars can still be a lot for many people, so here’s what I recommend you get if you’re on a super super tight budget.

First, if you’re rebuilding from the ground up after a hurricane, fire, or just a total style change, I recommend you start with mostly basics and add two trendy pieces. Something like this:

  • Ripped Jeans (or dark jeans)

  • Black Jeans

  • Shirtdress (trendy item)

  • Polka Dot Tee

  • Plain Tee

  • Cardigan

  • Skirt

  • Lace Cami (Trendy Item)

If you aren’t rebuilding your wardrobe entirely, you probably already have some of these items in your closet! Or at least some pretty similar pieces. If that’s your boat, I recommend evaluating if you have more trendy or more basic pieces.

If you have more basics, get a couple trendy pieces. If you have a lot of trendy stuff, focus on some basic pieces to round out your capsule wardrobe for the winter.

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What Outfits can I make?

You can make a tonnnn of outfits. I calculated a minimum of 42 outfits of basic pairings like skirt + shirt + shoes. If you change the shoe or add a cardigan or add a necklace, you’ve got even more outfits.

Here are 9 of my favorite outfits you can make with this capsule:


I used a neutral color palette with red and green as my accent colors, because how could I pass up those delicious winter holiday colors?!

Check out this post on creating a color palette if you don’ t know what the heck a color palette is or how to make one for your closet.

When I first started getting into capsule wardrobes, I thought posts like this were exactly what I had to buy. I had to buy every piece in that exact color or it wouldn’t work at all!

I ended up with a lot of clothes I didn’t much like that way. My warning is to to take this as inspiration, unless it totally speaks to your soul and your style.

You might want to get a black cami instead of a green one or substitute a third pair of jeans for the tie waist pants. This is simply a guide on the kinds of pieces you get and where you can get them affordably. I’m positive you could create your own unique capsule wardrobe for the same price.

Basic Guide

If you’re just unsure of the types of pieces you might need for the winter, here is a list of the types of items I put in this capsule but not the specific pieces.

  • 2 Jeans

  • 1 pair of Trousers

  • 2 Dresses

  • 1 Skirt

  • 1 Pair of Boots

  • 1 Pair of Flats

  • 2 Tees

  • 2 Blouses

  • 1 Cardigan

  • 1 Jacket/Coat

  • 1 Sweater

You are 100% ready to make your very own winter capsule wardrobe now! Whether that’s just like this one or your own budget-friendly capsule, you’ve got this.