An Honest Review of Rothy's Flats


If you have yet to be bombarded by Rothy’s ads on all of your social media, don’t worry I’m sure you’re next. I’m usually pretty skeptical of these hyped up companies that seemingly go viral overnight, but I tried them and wanted to give a 1000% honest review of Rothy’s Flats.

I paid for these shoes myself, and am in no way affiliated with Rothy’s, so you can trust this. Pinky promise. Like I said, I’m usually pretty skeptical of those companies you suddenly see all over your feed with pretty pictures and high prices.

Lucky for Rothy’s, I have a weakness for flats. I hate wearing shoes with heels, but finding a pair of comfortable flats is just as hellish. Which means I’m game to pay and order just about anything that whispers the word “comfort”.

What are they?

These shoes have major cool factor. They’re 3D knit, and I can’t tell you how many people lose their minds when I tell them that my shoes are made of recycled plastic bottles and 3D printed.

While that’s cool and all, they’re also sustainably and ethically made. Rothy’s is incredibly transparent about their production and environmental impacts, which you can read more about here.

I adore having ethically made shoes and clothing, if it fits my lifestyle. And these do. They’re made with comfortable rubber soles, the knit fabric is stretchy and molds to your foot, and you can wash them!

Styles & Colors

When I bought my Rothy’s a little over a year and a half ago, they only had two styles and a handful of colors. Now? They offer four different styles and a ton of colors and patterns.

  • The Point - pointy toe flat

    • 11 Colors

    • 10 Patterns

  • The Flat - round toe flat

    • 9 Colors

    • 9 Patterns

  • The Loafer - penny loafer style flat

    • 5 Colors

    • 11 Patterns

  • The Sneaker - slip on sneaker

    • 9 Colors

    • 1 Pattern


Comfort Factor

I don’t believe in breaking in shoes. There I said it. So, if a shoe isn’t comfortable out of the box, it’s going back.

I bought my first pair of Rothy’s in The Point in black. They arrived the weekend before I was to start a new job, and like any person with common sense, I decided to wear them on my first day.

Like any good first day on the new job, you spend it running around getting this clearance and that and filling out these ten forms then taking them to this person and by the end of the day you’ve walked ten miles and met 348 people.

Shockingly, I forgot I was even wearing new shoes. Not once did I have to stop and put a bandaid on. I never felt like my shoes were too tight or rubbing anywhere, and I had no sore spots when I got home.

My feet didn’t even ache at the end of the day from no support. Needless to say, I was converted.

They are incredibly comfortable, and the soft knit is what keeps it from rubbing. You might think they would lose their shape, but since it’s knit with plastic and not a natural fabric, it doesn’t.

I’ve worn them almost every day for a year since I bought them. Seriously, scroll back on the gram and you’ll see.

I will mention that while these will be comfortable for most people with normal or flat arches, if you have super high arches, you might want to replace the insole. This is no problem, since the insole is already removable to wash. You can just pop that out and measure your supportive insole for a perfect match. It would actually be really good if you need special insoles, because you won’t have to layer your insole on top of another insole or get a cobbler to put in a special one!


Sometimes when I tell people that my shoes are made of plastic, they get this sour look and ask oh so delicately “Oh, doesn’t it smell?”

I have rarely had an issue with smell, and I wear my Rothy’s all day long walking around. The only time I I’ve had my shoes or my feet smell a little is on incredibly hot days where I am also walking a lot.

Feet sweat. It’s natural. A shoe of any other material will end up smelling in that situation also. But, guess what you can’t do to any other shoe? Wash it.

You remove the insoles, throw shoes and insoles separately in the wash (make sure to wipe the sole so it doesn’t rub on your clothes if they’re dirty), and then air dry them. Mine usually dry overnight and are ready for their next beating.

Note: They also dry fast when you step in a sneaky puddle, so you won’t sit in soggy shoes all day.

The smell is always gone after washing, and both the shoe and the insole look good as new. I like to put my insoles in a lingerie bag separate from the shoes so they don’t get lost in whatever else I’m washing.

Washing will also take care of stains, or you can spot clean with water. Again, Rothy’s are plastic, so they don’t really absorb stains. If I don’t want to wash my shoes because some dirt is ground in there, I’ll just wipe at it with a paper towel and it comes right off.


All styles of Rothy’s come in sizes 5-12 and comes in whole and half sizes.

If you wear smaller than a size 5, they offer girls shoes in The Loafer style.

I typically wear a 6.5, which is the size I got. So, I would consider them true to size. If between sizes, I would recommend going down a half size. Since the shoes are stretchy, if you go up they might not stay on your foot.


My personal opinion is that the most versatile style is either The Point or The Loafer. These two styles will take you from a casual day to a day in the office and maybe certain fancy events. The pointed toe is sleeker than a round toe, which reads more casual, and the sneaker is extremely casual.

Here you can see some different ways I styled mine!


These are pricier than your typical fast fashion flat, but they’re honestly a great deal for something as well-made and not to mention sustainably made. Considering how often I wear them, the cost per wear is less than $0.25 and continually decreasing.

Honestly, I’ve paid way more for shoes just because they have a certain name than I paid for my Rothy’s. It’s an investment, for sure, but a good one.

  • The Point - $145

  • The Flat - $125

  • The Loafer - $165

  • The Sneaker - $125

You can use this coupon code if you want $20 off, which is a dang good deal.


I’ve worn my Rothy’s for almost every day for a year and a half. Heck, I’m wearing them right now. They look like they barely have any wear on the soles and the uppers still look good as new.

I’m not just making this up, either. I’m sharing a picture of my account that shows when I ordered my first pair and a picture of the soles from today and the uppers. You can see that the upper part looks like new.

The soles have some tiny rocks in them, which washing hasn’t removed, but I don’t find that I can feel them they’re so small.

The soles hardly show any wear at all. Most of my shoes that I wear this often, or even less, show wear on the sides of the shoe where the rubber is wearing away or down. I’ve also noticed that the pattern of the sole collects dirt less than some other grippy soles.


If you are thoroughly convinced and must have them now, don’t worry. Shipping is ultra fast.

I’m also intrigued by their packaging, which is like a shoebox, but they don’t add an extra box for shipping. Which saves a ton of waste for them and less shipping weight so less emissions!

Get you a Pair!

I just bought my second pair of Rothy’s, the leopard print this time. I don’t like wearing calf hair, so this was the perfect option for me.

I fully foresee my future gift lists just being the newest color or print of Rothy’s.

Let me know if you get a pair or if you have any more questions, I would be happy to answer them!