Capsule wardrobes & ethical style, the easy way.

why capsuLe waRdrobe?

Well, my fellow (future) fashionista, I ask, “Why not capsule?”


Capsule wardrobes are not a fashion craze. The idea has been around forever—and it’s here to stay! Capsule wardrobes make getting dressed a cinch. And really, isn’t that what we all want? Yes, yes . . . we do!

A wardrobe styled with mix and match in mind, makes throwing together an outfit a breeze. Whether it’s fancy or a poolside look you desire (and by desire I mean crave), keeping capsules in mind while shopping will make your life simpler and more stylish!

Forgot those images of all earth tones, solids, and grays . . . capsules are meant to be easy but also capture what’s unique about you. So throw in some patterns and some stripes, too! You don’t have to sacrifice your bold colors and bright patterns to become a capsule convert. Just start one piece at a time and build as you go!

You can have it all! And it’s easy, too! Get started with a quiz to find out your perfect style.


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