Capsule Wardrobe


Make Your Own Capsule Wardrobe

So, you want to know how to make a capsule wardrobe from scratch? Well, if you do it the normal way you might have your work seriously cut out for you. Lucky for you, I’ve made over 50 capsule wardrobes and I’ve got it down to a science now. Browse through this page, but make sure you start with the most important guide on this list. I listed it first for you, you’re welcome.


Capsule Wardrobe Styles

Capsule wardrobes don’t have to be chock full of gray and sad boxy shapes. There are so many styles out there from boho to edgy to athleisure and professional style! Whatever your style is, I can help. And if you don’t know your style, I’ve got you covered with a pretty dang accurate style quiz, too. Get some inspiration, take the quiz, and get to starting your very own capsule wardrobe.


Apps & Resources

My blog is a pretty good place to start, but I’m no tech wizard. These apps and downloads for capsule wardrobe planning will take you to the next level, while doing half of the work for you. If starting a capsule seems like a heck of a lot of work, check this section out first and see how you can lessen the load.


One Week Capsule Wardrobe

I created the One Week Wardrobe after many, many attempts at creating a capsule wardrobe and falling short. You see, I’m a maximalist at heart. I love pretty clothes and sparkly skirts, but it doesn’t do me or my wallet any good if they sit in my closet 97% of the year. The One Week Wardrobe is a capsule wardrobe for regular gals. And in the midst of all that, I gotta keep it affordable anddd ethically made, because I'm poor, you're poor. Girl, we're all poor and trying to keep it together while looking like a million.

What is a One Week Wardrobe?