Capsule 55: Transitioning Your Fall Capsule Wardrobe in the South

Are there actually people in the world who have these wonderful fall leaves and get to wear cozy layers and aren’t drinking their pumpkin spice lattes out of a sweating cup? I’m pretty sure that’s just a fairytale they tell the adults so we don’t revolt against Mother Nature. So, how does one dress for this “Fall” season when fall is really just Summer Part Two?


Step One: Wear as little as possible.

It’s almost October here, and the heat index is still hitting the low 100s. Fall, my butt. If I put on a cute plaid shawl it would be soaked in a minute or acting as a seasonal sarong over my bathing suit. That’s a joke but…now that I think about it…..

Step Two: Incorporate fall colors into summer pieces.

You’re more than welcome to get you a cute high waisted bikini in olive green or mustard yellow and pair it with a plaid shawl, but if you’re looking to be publicly acceptable, I would suggest something like shorts and sleeveless tops in fall shades. Tone those bright summer/spring colors down or pair them with darker neutrals like black or a camel brown.

Step Three: If the air is getting just the teensiest bit chillier and your frail body accustomed to the heat is screaming, you might want to lengthen your clothing.

I prefer to go for longer skirts and dresses over longer sleeves and pants. Why? Well, they’re flowy and in the event that you got overly optimistic by the cool morning weather (don’t pretend that hasn’t happened) you aren’t stuck with pit stains and jeans that are chafing you every which way from the sweat. Longer skirts and dresses provide that breathing room and pumpkin spice everything room.

Step Four: Throw that hair up.

Or optionally, sweep it to the side. The last thing you want is hair sticking to your neck or getting tangled in that scarf or cardigan you dared to put on. Even when it does start to get cooler, I actually prefer wearing my hair up. Yeah, yeah I know it keeps your neck warm, but exposing my hair means it not only gets super dry but it gets super frizzy from rubbing up against all those layers. Goodbye defined curls, hello Cousin It.

Step Five: Look better and cooler (literally) than everyone else.

Have you seen those girls who are so desperate for fall that they show up to any event (especially SEC football games) decked out in their fall gear in a stadium with thousands of sweating bodies baking in the sun? I mean, more power to ya for not passing out, but I think I would rather live than dress seasonally appropriate. What is your secret tip for surviving that fall transition we all know and love/hate?

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