Why You Should Hate Fashion Bloggers


“Fashion” It just sounds icky, doesn’t it. It sounds cheap. Smarmy. Nagging. “Fashion” makes me think of supermodels and unattainable body standards and outfits that my pinky finger could never afford.

Yet, we see a lot of people calling themselves “Fashion Bloggers”. They have impeccable style, a high instagram following, and they post only the most curated images of themselves abroad in European countries. Why? Because fashion bloggers are selling you on a lifestyle. They are, in fact, more about living a high maintenance lifestyle than inspiring you with realistic outfits and real life.

But, let's be totally clear.

I’m not bashing people who are fashion bloggers. Do I think they should call themselves lifestyle bloggers? Absolutely. Do I think they’re attainable? Maybe. Not totally. Mostly, it’s aspirational. But, it feels closer and easier when we follow “fashion bloggers” over celebrities. And trust me, I’ve fallen prey to this trap many a time. I used to follow tons of aspirational accounts that were probably supposed to inspire me to live that kind of life. But guess what happened?

It just made me feel bad. I felt like I didn’t have it together, because all of my walls weren’t whitewashed and I didn’t have marble backdrops and flower walls everywhere I turned. I ate the same thing for breakfast everyday (Rice Chex & 2 eggs in a paper bowl), instead of a beautiful acai bowl with fruit that I could oh so casually post on the gram. I would read their blog posts and get this hankering for travel and then remember I had a deathly fear of planes and some pretty gnarly motion sickness. I felt bad that I didn’t wear heels on the regular and that my t-shirt cost about $20 and wasn’t spun from the golden tears of children.

That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with me though. And, I know I’m not the only one prone to follow inspirational life accounts only to feel less than. Which is why I stopped following almost all fashion bloggers. Yeah, that’s pretty rich coming from me, a fashion blogger, right?!

I don’t consider myself a fashion blogger anymore though, because that niche has changed, A LOT. So, what am I?

I’m a style blogger.

And that’s pretty different. More different than you’d think. My goal, ever expanding as it is, is to inspire and show ladies how to look amazing without spending a lot of money or a lot of time curating the perfect closet. I never, ever want to live a lifestyle, or pretend I live a lifestyle, that isn’t down to earth and REAL.

Which means, I don’t spend a ton on clothing. I save up for big ticket items like quality shoes and leather goods. I wouldn’t know what to do with a designer label if it hit me in the face. But, that doesn’t mean I’m lazy about my style. Affordable style is NOT bad style. That’s another thing about fashion bloggers, we get hooked on the idea that things that cost more are inherently better.

I won’t get into the details about cost - quality correlation (did I use that science word right?), but basically just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it’s bad and just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s the greatest item ever.

And that’s basically the point of fashion blogging, showing off an expensive lifestyle, not just in the money but the time and work that goes in to the high life is way more than you think. I mean, I think I’m pretty fancy when I take the time to do a face mask…so, I’m sure the behind the scenes isn’t all perfect and easy and butlers.

And another thing about style….

Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal

Have you ever seen a fashion blogger wear the same thing twice? If you have, call the New York Times, it’s a miracle! Fashion, and fashion blogging, is about being new and staying on top of the trends. You can’t exactly be new and up to date when your blouse is from last season. God forbid it be two years old.

Fashion bloggers are powerhouses, because they have the time and resources to devote to buying expensive clothing and styling it flawlessly and then taking photos with jaw-dropping backgrounds. I don’t know about you, but I don’t casually walk around with my jacket hanging off one shoulder in 6 inch platform heels. Styling takes time. It isn’t wake up, grab something from the closet, put it on, and then look flawless. It looks more like your closet threw up in your room before you settle on an outfit that is sometimes, just okay.

Style, on the other hand, is about knowing what you like and love so that you can wake up and easily throw together beautiful looks. -eternally-

Fashion is defined as: A prevailing Custom or Style of Dress, Etiquette & Socializing.

Style is defined as: a particular, distinctive, or characteristic mode of action or manner of acting.

See the difference? The key is in the particular. Style is particular and distinctive to YOU. Like, you may read my blog and enjoy my outfits (they’re kinda great), but it isn’t your style. It isn’t something you would wear. Or, maybe some of my outfits you would wear, but others you would change some things to be more your style.

Style blogging is about helping YOU discover your style. Sure, my outfits are here for inspiration, but if you take time to read the posts there are usually styling tips and tricks for you to try. I mix and match different styles, because my style can’t be defined by one word. I wear new items, but not because they’re trendy. I mix up my brand-new just got in the mail shirt with my ten year old jeans that somehow always fit.

I hope you don’t think I’m trying to convince you of anything or that I’m calling out fashion bloggers. It kinda sounds like that, and maybe I am. I’m a regular person, and I have a feeling that the people reading this blog are also regular people. You might have kids running around or you’re finishing up classes or you’re working at a job 60 hours a week. It’s hard. But, guess what? You’re in the majority. It may not feel like it, after all, there are a TON of Instagram models. All I know is, I struggled a ton when I started to get into style. I focused on fashion and not style, and fashion made me believe that I had to lead a certain lifestyle.

Style didn’t lead me astray, in fact, it made me feel like me. It took me a while to get to the part where I felt “Stylish” rather than “Fashionable”. But, I did, and now I enjoy it so much that I write about it and help other women living normal lives be stylish, too.

It took me a long time, which is why I put together the Lazy Girl’s Resource Library. It is your guaranteed one-stop shop to revamping your closet, your perceptions, and your style.

If you’re not ready for that, I totally understand. All I want you to get from this article is, you don’t have to be at the height of fashion. Speaking to the other normal people, you really just want to look good and feel good. If that’s in your pajamas, great! You’re probably sick of seeing another girl in Louboutins eating gourmet ice cream without a drip.

So, if you’re still here, I encourage you to go your Instagram or your Facebook or however you catch up on people, and unfollow at least three people who don’t positively inspire you. You don’t need negative inspiration! Positive inspiration only. I’ve listed some accounts below on Instagram that are real life and real style. Please share your own favorites in the comments, so we can all get in on that positivity!